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So I just inherited a laptop, and bought a copy of Sacred Gold (the first one) for a few quid.


Expect to see me here more often.




Dear lord.... Ascaron, give me my life back!

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Poor soul.. Another claimed for Ascaron :D


He has returned to build us a brand new March Sales Seraphim ^^


Welcome back to the game and to DarkMatters!






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High Elf has returned to build us a brand new March Sales Seraphim ^^

LOL. Just had a new friend added on PSN from here, directed by the Jan Sales Shopper build, so it sounds like I did something right! :D


Wanna know what else is funny? Despite having obtained far too much gold, far too many amazing weapons and armour, and almost a full chest of other goodies, I'm still only in the desert!


Expect plenty of Sacred 1 questions and lots of Sacred 2 help around the boards. :D

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