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Great work Josh! I loooove the colours. Those little touches you added are very nice. Like the first letter of each word standing out like they are and the whispy light thing coming from the dudes chest. His soul I gather? Cool!

Oooone little nit-pick. I don't know if it's just my eyes but the render seems kinda blurry or something. Is if the original render was a lot sharper than how it is in your sig. Possibly from being resized too many times? I can't say for certain. Can you show us the render you used? Maybe we can help tweak it a bit. :)


It's wonderful overall and you should be proud of it. :)



Oh and the text shadow. Forgot about that. I think that the shadow is killing the background a bit. When you use drop shadow on text is effectively turns the area behind it into a flat "cardboard-ish" backing. The background is such an impressive space that it's a bit of an injustice to put a drop shadow on it. Rather than making the text appear as though it is sitting on top of the background via drop shadow you might find greater appeal if you used a different text effect. What comes to mind for me that might work well is to draw a curve that follows along the white flash coming out of the dudes chest. Then align the text to that curve. You could make the text become a part of that white flash and style accordingly.

Another text effect that might work better would be to enhance it's Stroke and then toss in an outer glow. It's a tried and true text effect for any occasion.

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Hey guys thanks for the great comments! Not gonna lie, didn't do the whole thing by myself. A friend made the basic design off my idea and I did about 80%.

Not sure what render he used, he just put the image on a background and made the color scheme.

I did all the text/special coloring/effects/ect.

If I need to edit anything it's on his computer so I might do that later.


Took me a week of editing and toying with the part that yes Schot resembles his soul :D


For some reason the bottom border is cut off, maybe because of the text -.-

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