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Claudius application to clan dark!

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Hi my name is claudius and I'm REALLY cool and stuff. REALLY!


ok seriously I have really enjoyed the forum for several years and found it the place to not only get great info but also everyone plays nice and I appreciate the values at the center of the group. I really enjoyed hanging out with gogo, Woody, Munera, loco, and Timotheus. I also participated in the level 200 extravangaza for Woody which I was glad not to miss. Sacred 2 is a social game both in terms of chat and fun and also there is always someone to give or receive gold items information whatever and a lot of benefit to go around. So I think Dark clan is for me and why dark clan and not another? There is no other clan like dark that I see and I have gotten the vibe from being on the forum for a while and meeting some in game.


ok other than playing the game and participating in forum what do I do hmmm.. I have the geeky special ability of doing certain things such as do statistics using student t function (don't ask) to test if something is 'random' or not. Example is upcoming project to test if drops are affected by size of damage sort of. Maybe even other opportunities for geakiness, but alas I can't fix computers :)...


1. Favorite pizza topping


Pepperoni......If 2 toppings maybe ham and pineapple combo


2. Favorite Drink


beer.......ok gotta admit it since I homebrew the stuff... so free virtual homebrew for everyone! adendum is that I know if I see 8 nameless guardians its better to live and fight another day :D


3. Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from?


My home for awhile was gamebanshee for RPGs and such. DaveO helped me to adjust to the overwhelming *choices* of sacred 1 And I think he linked me to wiki or darkmatters...


4. Most favorite book ever


Dune.. Haven't read it in ages but I think its the only book I read more than 3 x


5. Favorite movie of all time.


Sea Biscuit. "You don't throw away a life just because its a little banged up"


6. Current Favorite Game?


Sacred 2. Yes its true :crazy:


7. All time best video game ever played


Toss up between good times: Legend of Zelda of the original childhood variety? Or Eternal Darkness gamecube which got my back to games....awesome game can you say insanity meter? (true feature of game)


8. Favorite sport or hobby?




9. What do you want for your birthday?


well wishes... do you believe that? ok surprise me ;)


10. Do you know anyone from our forum?


I know from online gogo woody loco (briefly) munera (helped me nicely when I first joined Ice and Blood) and Timotheus.. Also I am familiar with most all from posts because I am pretty avid reader of dark matters.


11. Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member?


Well probably same. Truth be told I have only recently been chatting with people other than forum posts.


12. If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship?

(This question need only be answered if applying for Fellowship/Clan status for a sponsored game).


Yes. But this means I lose a lot of life insurance policy sales! ;)



Well I debated regaling with yo momma and blond jokes... but NO! For shame hehe

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Ah, Claudius you applied. Wonderful. And even more wonderful to hang with you on servers for last couple of days. We'll get back to you in about a week with our answer.


Thanks for the application!





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Luck on your application, By the way when do you play? I'm in PA and usually play after 11:00 pm for a few hours every day.

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Furian I am pretty random... I enjoy the morning the most though and I may be around 8 eastern time zone (north america) until I poop out...


Then again like I say I am random I could be there at any time... I usually am near my PMs and email so don't hesitate to check if I want to play :o

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