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Guest gogoblender

*A shimmering field of force appears around the embassy. The sun flickers. Through technologies still unknown to the D.a.r.k Clan. the Spawn embassy has been moved sideways slightly to anther universe. This has now made the building a secure haven for the guests of clan D.a.r.k. *


The spawn embassy has now been closed off to the public ( as of yesterday actually) and the only ones that may now see and post in this section are clan, friends of the clan and Spawn emissaries themselves.


Incendarious, Aurora and Arianna have all been given Friends of the Clan Status and are now able to see and are invited to post in all threads that they wish to find of interest!


Have fun guys!


And if you need any of your friends from your clan to be given Friends of the Clan status, Incendarious need simply post here in this thread or send a pm validating any of his clan mates that register here at this forum.


It really is great having all of you here and we all look forward to having lots of fun.


I have registered at the clan Spawn website and have found it to full of very cool stuff! heh, you can tell that spawn's been at ogame fer quite some time!


Thank you spawn fer the validation at your site for our members (heh, crunchie was there last night I think ;))


Best of Wishes everyone!





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Hey there all you spawn folk. Welcome to the new place. Hope you like and check out the custom logo for the Universe 9: Spawn Embassy section only! :P

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