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Volunteer firefighters, disaster relief

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District is testing a smartphone take-over at accidents.


Emergency case like a car crash, fire, avalanche, ...

You call the 112 (911 or whatever number where you live)

Option1: you know exactly where you are, what happened, state of injuries, how many people injured, ....

Option2: you are a tourist, not native to language, don't know where you are and you are in panic


The reaction to option two is now to tell them that you send a multi-language SMS to the caller. The SMS has code to take-over the cameras and GPS on the caller's smartphone if he allows it. The dispatcher gets the pictures and positions, can judge what to do, firefighters, medic, technicians, mountain rescue, ...

Our district belongs to europes biggest continous forest and tourists on a walk often can't tell there position.

Also first aid with help from a medic via visual phone dialogue, ...

 So far the theory. We will do simulations between x-mas and new year so we have hopefully volunteer school kids for some rescue exercises.

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