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The absolute beginners guide

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I will cross post this in the general and the guide forum, because if you are brand new, you don’t want to be hunting through a bunch of sub-forums :)


This guide will basically get ingame and going without having to spend hours reviewing all the online guides (like I did :P ) You’ll spend a few hours leveling up and learning the design, layout, and mechanics. And it is difficult to mess up a character badly in the first 10 levels – any little mistakes will be smoothed out.


So armed with this, please don’t hesitate to just jump in with both feet and learn as you go along!


1) We are in Eclipse server. If you make your character in Crescent, then you will be all alone. So choose Eclipse. Eclipse. Eclipse :)


2) When you log into the game, choose your race (human/elf), gender (M/F), class (rogue, mage, soldier), hair, and eyes. There are only subtle differences between Elves and Humans, so don't worry about it too much.


3) The first 10 levels are entirely quest driven. This is designed for the absolute beginner.


4) There is also an interactive tutorial that is woven into the mainline quest. It coves the hot keys and the mouse mechanics and the basic skills. It also gives you experience and rewards, and a lot of ego boosting positive feedback ;)


5) The mainline quest is as follows:

1. Rien's advice

2. Asking for help

3. Securing a trade road

4. Residence certification

5. Battle training

6. Preperations for a trip

7. Collecting the information


1) Rien’s advice :

Where to get : Rien [Patrol Party]

Where to return : Rien [Patrol Party]


What to do :

Getting rid of slimes (1) (kill 10 Slimes at The Gate of Alker.)

Getting rid of Fungus Pawns (2) (kill 8 Fungus Pawns at The Gate of Alker.)



2) Asking for help :

Where to get : Rien [Patrol Party] < The Gate of Alker >

Where to return : Marche [Goodsmerchant] <The Gate of Alker>


What to do :

You must go to see Marche, a general goods merchant at the gate of Alker.



3) Securing a trade road :

Where to get : Marche [Goodsmerchant] < The Gate of Alker>

Where to return : Marche [Goodsmerchant] < The Gate of Alker >


What to do :

Getting rid of Fungus Rook (1) (kill 5 Fungus Rooks in western region of Alker.)

Getting rid of Crying Flower (2) (kill 5 Crying Flowers in northern region of Alker.)

Getting rid of King Slime (3) (kill 5 King Slimes in northern region of Alker.)



4) Residence certificate :

Where to get : Rien [Patrol Party] <The Gate of Alker >

Where to return : Celerian [Family Manager] < Alker Harbor >


What to do :

You must go to see Celerian, a family manager in Alker Harbor and fill out the residence card.



5) Battle training :

Where to get : Rien [Patrol Party] < The Gate of Alker >

Where to return : Rien [Patrol Party] < The Gate of Alker >


What to do :

Getting rid of Red turtles (kill 7 red turtles near the gate of Alker)



6) Preperations for a trip :

Where to get : Rien [Patrol Party] < The Gate of Alker >

Where to return : Luna [Priest] < Alker Harbor >


What to do :

Go to Alker Harbor and meet priestess Luna.



7) Collecting the information :

Where to get : Luna [Priest] < Alker Harbor >

Where to return : Farouk [Magic League] < Alker Harbor >


What to do :

You must meet nearly everyone in Alker Harbor. They will send you on a round robin, and sometimes you’ll talk to the same person 2 or 3 times. Just keep circling town and chat with anyone that has an exclamation sign over them. You will also pick up a few extra quests during this quest, which is perfect and will set you up well for the next guide I will write (level 11-15 guide) :)


Three other notes.


a) You should not have to buy anything for the first 10 levels, except perhaps a level 5 class weapon (even then your beginning weapon can prolly get you to level 10).


b) Stats -- for now put all in DEX for rogues, all in STR for soldiers, and all in INT for Mages.


c) Skills – pick one active attack skill, and then focus the rest on passives. The skills are self explanatory.


So this will get you to level 10 while you learn a ton about the game. By that time you will know if this game is for you. If it is, then the next guide will focus on specific builds, item storage, and NPC buying/selling!

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Hi yeh Lunarians. :P


& Rosie Knight I Just Love you're Guide.


I've got 2 More Quests that I completed Last Nite.


Farouks Quest where U Collect Lizard Teeth.


When Completed U Get.


1 Moderate HP Potion 1,485 Gold,& 6201 experience.


Black Smiths Burden Guest where U Collect Lizard Leather.


When Completed U Get.


2,000 Gold & 9100 experience.


Byeee 4 Now Suzie. ;)

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