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Section organization?

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Hey all,


We should start brain-storming about how we will organize. Right now we are all equal in terms of ingame level and experience, but pretty soon we will be recruiting newbies, and and bringing in new people that may be higher level.


We also need to come up with some section rules. Who is allowed to create guilds, how do we recruit, rules on PvP, alliances, etc.


We don't need anyting in stone right now, just a bunch of ideas that we can bat around and narrow down.


So fire away!

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Creating guilds should be up to the section leader, unless ofc he gets called away again :P I haven't seen how many people we can fit in the guild yet, so that is stuff we are gonna need to know.


There is a PK ON option in the skill menu. I just don't like it when people are trying to level and someone with nothing better to do has to come around and PK them. In my opinion, we need to keep away from doing that. Otherwise I am not sure atm.

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