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Furian's Ice & Blood Guide To The Ultimate Warrior

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I may be a tad late on this thread but I was wondering what the end build would look like? Like, skill point totals if I were to follow the guide to the T except switching spell resist with speed lore.

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Lt. John Finn was a United States Navy Chief Petty Officer who received the United States military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions and service in World War II. When I read hi

Furian, thank you for all the info. I have followed your build through level 12 on silver. Playing on PC btw. I was planning on having this Character learn Enhanced Perception and therefore Blacksm

Hey there - the Shadow Warrior is the one character who can't learn Bargaining. I might not have known the answer but by sheer coincidence I was just looking at those skills on the SacredWiki: http:

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Nice to see your interest in the build. As far as swapping spell resistance for speed lore, your on your own there. I see your not on pc so that should be ok. Indont know what the final point tally will be. My current HC - closed net build is at level 102 on platnium. I can post what his points are now if you'd like.

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Well, I hate this editor, I can't post pictures without them being spread all over, but my stats naked are as follows:

Tactics Lore 90

Sword Weapons 75

Armor Lore 75

Death Warrior 41

Concentration 1

Malevolent Champion 41

Combat Reflex 38

Spell Resistance 75

Combat Discipline 1

Damage Lore 19


Lt.Finn level 107


Combat Art Levels


Bonus Overview pg 1

Bonus Overview pg 2


Demonic Blow

Armor Value



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Wow, that guy looks amazing. Sorry if this was a bother of any kind. I just dont have alot of time to sit and learn the mechanics for myself. But by reading your guide, its helped greatly. Thanks for the guide and this post.

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Your welcome, Have fun with it. On defense and socketing equipment it really does help to try and get at least 30% of everything. Chattius wrote about it in his dryad spidergirls guide.

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Hi Furian,


I'm new to Sacred 2:Ice and Blood...


Just a quick question, if I were to follow your guide but I do not have any shopper character will I be able to get those nice items like what you've suggested under "Gear" guide? Do I really need Bargaining or EP?


Thanks in advance for your reply... :cool:

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unfortanetly yes .. that is a really rare that mobs drop something valuable we need. Happens but rare. Shadow Warior is good starter char who can handle by himself but character without decent equipment is a lot weaker. Ep isnt that crucial, bargaining and blacksmithing are very important

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Actually the answer is "No". If your just starting out this is a great build to acquire all you need to get going. As such I would drop Damage Lore and take Blacksmithing instead. This will allow you to socket smith arts and any rings or amulets you come across in your travels. And if you wanted to, even drop Combat Discipline and take Enhanced Perception to increase the chance of "good" drops. These two skills could be taken earlier than 50 and 65.


One thing I recommend is to get your Spell Resistance mastery before you head into Platinum difficulty. The Shadow Warrior is a real tank, what will really hurt him are spells at higher difficulty. So with his Grim Resilience buff boosting his willpower and his Spell Resistance mastery he can withstand some seriously bugged spells being tossed his way.



I have built and ran at least 5 differant versions of the original Guide to great success each time. Just make sure you follow the "Must" skills written in red. If I need to I'll edit the guide with an icon for the "must" skills.


My current Lt.Finn is at level 107 and stomps the guardians on Plat and Niob. Is really awesome the power and attack speed he can dish out! :viking:


Ohh and will you be running on Closed net or open/Single player? If you chose to run the Cm-Patch instead of sword weapon go with dual wield. The epic office quest Light Sabers are absolutely awesome with a Shadow Warrior. Insane damage when you use a buff suit to boost the level of your Grim Resilience buff.

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Yes Blacksmith is in the general skills as a primary. If you choose that and want Enhanced Perception also, you will need to get it to level 5 in order to pick EP.

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When I should get EP and Blacksmithing base on your guide Furian? I need to swap sword weapon to dual wield too? Please advise how can those changes fit into your guide thanks. :)


Also do I need to get all CA you've mentioned? Will all be useful or often use?

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Ok let me see here, your on PC, single player with the CM-Patch. Empty chests and no support right? Here's what I would do.


If I were to run an IronMan build (that's what I refer to a "living off the land" and no support build) I would do the following:


2) Black Smith 5 points only at this point to unlock EP

3) Tactics Lore

5) Armor Lore

8) Enhanced Perception - at this time only one point per level until we get buffs and some CA modded then get it to level until Mastery

12) Sword Weapon

18) Death Warrior Focus This is our main Aspect. We will put 5 points into it for now to unlock Concentration.

25)Concentration One point

35) Malevolent Champion Focus

50) Spell Resistance

65) Combat Reflex


Other than the skill changes I did here follow the guide. You can do dual wield if you want to but then you will have to rely on a throwing star for Life Leech %. Slim chance that a one handed weapon with Life leech will drop. Or you can deal with what happens and go for the dual wield and hope to get Kanka's Relics to drop. That would give you Life Leech.

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thanks for the great guide Furian...How about the CAs, do all CA will be useful or used throughout the game?


From what I've read in Sacred wiki, for single campaign PC version it is required to complete silver campaign to unlock Gold, Platinum then Niobium. Do I need follow the guide for every difficulty or when reach Platinum only follow?

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thanks for the great guide Furian...How about the CAs, do all CA will be useful or used throughout the game?


Well for the Combat Arts Lt.Finn was based off the main combo of Beligerant Vault and Demonic Blow, but the use of Frenzied Rampage will be used alot also. And of course the mini buffs of Rousing Command, and Killing Spree will be used in a combo. But throughout the game differant CA will be used to better effect than others, after playing awhile you will see the differance and why, when to use them.


From what I've read in Sacred wiki, for single campaign PC version it is required to complete silver campaign to unlock Gold, Platinum then Niobium. Do I need follow the guide for every difficulty or when reach Platinum only follow?


Not really sure of the question here. But yes you need to complete the Campaign on each difficulty to reach the next. And while doing that as you increase in levels you can look back at the guide to refresh your memory.



BTW, I only need to put 5 point in Blacksmithing? Which skill to master first and so on?


Initially only 5 points are needed in blacksmithing to unlock EP. As you increase in levels the skill points you get will be better used on the other skills until later, Putting points into blacksmithing after level 100.


Skills to master first: EP, Tactics Lore, Armor Lore, Spell Resistance. In that order. That should take you up to around level 80ish.

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Thanks for the tips. :)


If once finish silver campaign the character level will reset to level 1 when I start Gold campaign?

Ohh *BEEP* No character level will not reset at the beginning of each difficulty. That would be cruel indeed.

Is shopper character is a must? How many and level needed for a shopper character in general?

No a shopper is not a must. If you have the ability to get one to Niobium fine. But to be just starting out the game there are a lot of game mechanics that really need figured out before you try maxing characters out to push the boundaries.

Cheers. :)




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How does the shopper character will be useful to other character? Shopper character only focus on Bargaining skill?

The shopper buys stuff (normally rings and amulets) and stashes it in the shared chest so that other characters can get to it.

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