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Just wondering if anyone has a level 15 or 30 detheyas helmey they can throw my way. Ive manage to scrounge every other piece of the set from my stash except that one.so does anyone have a spare?


I'll shout a meal :D

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Sorry Brother, Just spent the last hour looking through all my chests and found everything but a helm near that level. I can't believe the amount of goodies I have stashed all over the place and forgot was there.

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Just checked. Sorry DB, nothin.





Sounds like we need to do a Dryad Kami. level 15 boss runs with 5 or 6 dryads on in party. we would surely restock our Detheya's stock with starter level gear that way.

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I've got a level 15 cowl that my Dryad grew out of. Let me know when you will be in next and I can send it your way. It's got some jewelry in it so it's currently level 23 but you can pull that out if you don't need it.

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Sweet stuff larvi! Hmm...well I have an exam today and wont be home till 2pm my time which seems like 1am my time...sounds tough to organise. Maybe I'll grab it off you tomorrow morning my time which would be your afternoon/night. That easier? Probably around 10am - midday for me so7-9pm for you? If your looking for any other stuff we could do a swap or something, so just let me no if you need anything.

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I pm'ed you my email address, I'm usually up pretty late so may still be around when you get home, send me an email and if I'm still up we can trade then. If not we can figure out something for later.

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