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Sacred 2 Mod Compilation - offered to community

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Increase loot pickup radius:

( Pickup radius is now increased, this means you won't have to chase after loot so much during pickup.)


open optionsCustom.txt


options.autoCollectRadius = 160


Change value to





Far as I am aware this only increases the area of the pickup ring graphics and not the actual pickup area.

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2x experience from kills:

(Not sure if this does what it is supposed to do, but theres no harm in it at least, MOAR XP!.)


open Balance.txt

find MPExperience


Multiple the current value by two.


I wanted a quick comment on that. There's a number of those "MP" lines in the balance.txt file, seemingly governing monster damage, resistances, spell intensity etc. Before Ice and Blood, I used to modify ALL of them, coping the last value in the line and using it to overwrite the first one only. The end result was much better XP, but also much better challenge. Made the game much more interesting overall. Note, I haven't tried this with the expansion installed.


I used to believe this "MP" scaling refers to number of players in game, thus acting as sort of "players x" switch, but I'm not sure anymore. As there are five numbers per line, it could as well refer to difficulty levels. While I was generally happy with the end result, I'd really like to know what exactly happens when one edits those lines. Could anyone with better understanding of game mechanics explain this?

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First thanks for sharing this with us all.


Second I need some clarification on what needs to be done in order to mod things.

Actually all I want to mod is the run speed and I can't find the CommonSpeedcreatureinfo.txt

If it's in the Rar file you uploaded, must I install the whole thing, am I forced to accept all the changes or can I select which one's I want?


Is there a way to change and increase the run speed for all the characters other than installing your files please let me know what that is.



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hate to post again so soon. but I have a problem now. I modded the balance for more enemies. editing the spawn and creatures .txt's. I edited them just as this guide says. only thing is now there are extremely too few enemies. ill see 3 or 4 every couple of minutes. I know that cant be right. whats going on here:)

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thanks for this. although I am also having trouble figuring out how to raise the run speed.


I just recently tried to search for the same thing, but the links seem to be down, so I figured it out again. Here are my notes, maybe Gogo can edit the info back into the mod compilation (since MysticOnion's information is incomplete).


NOTE: Changing these scripts' values might only affect characters created AFTER the scripts are edited. I'm not sure...


Step 1: Open the scripts\server\heroes\ files and find their creature #.

Step 2: Open the scripts\server\creatures.txt and find the creature #, then note its itemtype_id #.

Step 3: Open the scripts\shared\creatureinfo.txt and find the type #, then change walkSpeed and runSpeed.


Example table of values:


   name              creature      type
inquisitor		51		4
seraphim		1		1


I'm not sure how to locate the mounts.



EDIT: Thanks for the correction, Malachor. I've updated the steps to make them clearer.

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It's nice work here BleachFan, and as you requested, I have added an edit to first post in this topic. I added link linking anyone to your new post, so that they can see your new info. If you have to, you can even make more posts etc, as the link in first post will now take anyone to new work you add.


Thanks for your post and time on this!







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Changing the special mount walk/run speed is relatively simple.

Search in scripts\shared\creatureinfo.txt for mount, well you could use specialmountfor, it amounts to the same thing.

As long as the value on that line is above 0, ie from 1 to 6, it's a special mount. Change it's walk/run speed(s), save, and you're done.


Just a slight correction to your post BleachedFan, there's no itemtype_id in creatureinfo.txt.

For the character classes, here's a topic I found on it.

But I'll add the information here as well.


Open scripts\shared\creatureinfo.txt


search for: (don't include the names of the classes)

type         = 1, (seraphim)
type         = 2, (dryad)
type         = 3, (shadowwarrior)
type         = 4, (inquisitor)
type         = 5, (highelf)
type         = 6, (templeguardian)
type         = 7, (dragonmage)

There should be 9 spaces between type and =.

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More Monsters xtimes spawn:
( Increases the size of groups of monsters, meaning theres more to kill )

In scripts/server
( use find and replace option )

open spawn.txt
set total_density = 50
open creatures.txt
set groupmaxcount = 8


can I chance set total_density = 100 I have more monster to use combat arts ?

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Hi guys, I´ve just used the creature spawn increase and drop increase parts and it seems that here are some issues with the fog mod and/or the cm patch and/or the trimmed elite textures.

Since editing the .txts I wasnt able to achieve the view distance I had before editing.

Is there anything you could possibly overwrite/screw up using "search and replace"?

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