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Google Chrome Fast

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I'm a big fan of chrome, nice and solid.. and fast :D

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I'm a big fan of chrome, nice and solid.. and fast :D


I am as well, it is clean, does just what I need, and I do think it is faster than the others. Only limitation is that some web sites have apps that Chrome doesn't support.


The built in translator is awesome for reading the German web sites, or any non English site for that matter.

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I just want a potato slicer/fryer like that. That is something we could sit back and drink beer and watch ALL day.

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It allways depends what system you are running and where you live. For my purposes often links, links2 or elinks is best and fastest. I can put elinks in a batch-file and have it check up a site in certain intervals and save all. At bad weather we have only 4800baud at home so you kick on a batch file and return after a movie in TV to read the informations.

Since my wife is an doctor who often works with blind people I think it is useful to know a browser which blind can use. It's a textbrowser, no pictures, and so it is easier to redirect the output to a braille writer or voice system and not loading the images saves a lot of time and bandwith.


The most frustrating site I ever saw was one selling audio-books for blinds. It had a map of europe on front page and you had to click on the country you wanted on the map, instead having a nice list of countries so the blind could actually use it.

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Amazing ad! Clean, so well shot...respect to the makers!


You guys are making me want to switch to Chrome now. I'm so used to everyone here using Firefox... does Chrome have a skin as good as Noia?


I've looked and looked NEVER seen a browser skin as good as Noia.


Is it even possible?





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I stick to Mozilla Firefox, which is also solid, nice, fast and you can expand it with the many addons.

Mozilla is now working on version 4, which seems to be faster then the 3 branch. At this moment it's in beta and beta 4 is released today.

I don't trust Google that much. I only use Gmail so far and have a youtube account and that's it. Google don't take your privacy serious.

Next to that I'm used to Firefox and it just does what it has to do and is also expandable. Chrome doesn't have that many addons.


Video is nice to see, but offcourse unrealistic and it doesn't prove anything.

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Who funded that video?


I'm thinking, McDonalds for the french fry Potato Gun.


Maybe, Kicker or JBL audio for the neon pink sound wave.


Mother Nature herself, catching the 17th century flag ship on fire with her lighting bolt.


All to remind us that Google Chrome quite possibly could be the fastest.


Love the video, Genius! Plays key to all our senses.


I remain, :bounce:

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The editing is so well done. Cuts are perfect, and I never get bored or hungery... I'm fully sated by the end of it. Course... a few reruns helps...there's a lot there, and this loox to be costly





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