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Sacred3.org - Our new Sacred 3 Portal

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We've got to think out how we'll make it a portal with sacredwiki, citadel, darkmatters, the official forum..eek, lots of new stuff, but first we'll start adding all the new links and info that have gone up for Sacred 3 now that we have re-confirmation of a release date.





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If you want when we get more picutres and info I can draw something as a slash page or something for you


Gonna holja to that!

And, we're getting the site in order, will probably have to move the site to some more robust publishing software and eventually get it moved to our hosting when the bandwidth begins to hit the high heavens mark again, but for now, we're a good part along in the catch up, we'll start bringing in the pix o'er next few days!



Did I catch all the info now for the site?





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