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Messing up my sig!

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as can be seen below, my sig editing skills seem to be below par :P


What I wanted to do is to align my characters (and guides) to the right side of the sig pic. It is doable, as I come across lots of people who appear to have better sig skills :D


I seem to recall there was a thread about is, but I cannot seem to find it.


Many thanx



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I get an error, saying they wont allow me to post a pic from that website.... cmon, it is photobucket. Without the wrap, the pic is fine.




EDIT: why will this not work! I used exactly your code.... it just will not work :)

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attempted code was exactly what Ashley posted.... with the img url from photobucket copy pasted at 'image url' spot.


An enter down would I begin typing text that I wanted aligned to the right of the sig....


Maybe I need a step by step :blush:



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Rofl^^ Perhaps Barristan's sig doesn't like him? :blush:



Sincerely believe that is the case :D


Took me long enough to get it right, even with copy pasting Arps code :blush:


@DB/Arp/Deamon ty for the help

@Ryan, ty for making a fool out of me! ;)



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this keeps getting better :D


@Arp, ty again

@Deamon, an avatar.... Will look on other comp for a pic

275px-Creature-SpiritOfValor.png Spirit of Valor :D



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YAAAAA *goes berzerk* :D Why did that sig screw itself over again?


I'll try it in my own sig now, so it's going to go mad for a bit. But I *will* make it look better. will edit code in once I have a good looking thing.



edit: this should do it. really minor difference though... seems like sigs have a max width, wich is smaller then the posts on th ipboard pro skin.

[size=1] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[b]Finished toons[/b]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[b]200[/b] [color="#0000FF"][D.a.r.k]Barristan -Elayne-[/color] DW seraphim Shopper Guardian Hunter
[b]164[/b] [color="#0000FF"][D.a.r.k]Barristan -Dawn- [/color]Archangel Seraphim Build
[b]160[/b] [color="#0000FF"][D.a.r.k]Barristan -Chronos-[/color] Utility T.G.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[b]New toons[/b]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[b]80[/b] [color="#0000FF"][D.a.r.k]Barristan -Deirdre-[/color] Ranged/Pet Huntress
[b]58[/b] [color="#0000FF"][D.a.r.k]Barristan -Aviendha-[/color] Twohander Caster seraphim
[b]48[/b] [color="#0000FF"][D.a.r.k]Barristan -Nemesis-[/color] LL% DW Melee Dryad
[b]40[/b] [color="#0000FF"][D.a.r.k]Barristan -Krasus-[/color] Caster DM
[b]4[/b] [color="#0000FF"][D.a.r.k]Barristan -Aeglos-[/color] Ice HE
[b]1[/b] [color="#0000FF"][D.a.r.k]Barristan -Belthil-[/color] Fire HE


Editedit: barri, could you remove 4 "~" of that last line, now it's just a tad bit too long. or use the code currently in this post.

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Great game... tho I found Awakenings a bit dissapointing.


Yes! Someone who agrees with me :D In one of the dragon age threads here I was complaining about how bad it was, but no one wanted to believe me :D

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