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Thank you both. I will check out the link when I'm home with gaming time available.

Awesome, glad to have another Darkie on board with us! :D


Ninja Edit: IGN is Dark_Apollo

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I forget how I spelled my account name. its still Veracious but I'm not sure if its io or 10 at the end there. I'll get back to you.

Just as a note, we will be adding you through one of your character names and not through the account name :)

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Oh ok. Veracious_Ivy is my scion, my mainly used toon.

Thank you!! Now I need to dedicate some play time. Lol. My work schedule is killing me.

I've added you to my friends list, and Chrona or another officer will be able to shortly add you to the guild :)

mission complete

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Its the time between two challenge leagues. Some are still playing the One-Month-Race atm. I'm sure there will be more people beeing active wiith the next big content update when the next challenge leagues start on August, 20th.

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I hadn't seen anyone since June. It could be my schedule but I thought I would see someone at least occasionally. Wish everyone luck. Hope to catch up with people in the new leagues.

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I know of 6 people, including me, who are still active playing PoE. We are all from middle Europe so maybe we have different online times. It is now the last few days of the one-month-race and almost 2 weeks left until the new challenge leagues starts so at least I will not be online that much as at the beginning of the one-month when I was playing at least 50% of the time. The motivation is not that high for me to start a new build now but I can't wait for the expansion pack to be released considering the changes that has already been announced.

I also hope we can play with you together in the next times because it's so much fun to play in a party. And the bigger the party, the more fun it is!

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