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0.9.12 Patch Notes

Chris GGG:



Please note that the PvP features that we have been working on are still underway and have not been included in this patch, as they are not ready yet. The PvP patch has not been delayed, just renamed to 0.9.13, which should be coming soon.

Due to substantial changes to the passive skill tree, we've wiped all the passive skills again. Please take care reallocating your passives so that you can use your equipment and gems.






Added a new Dexterity Skill - Ice Shot: Fires an arrow that chills its target and creates a patch of ground ice.

Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity Skill - Arctic Breath: Fires a frozen projectile that leaves a trail of ground ice behind it. It explodes on impact, creating more ground ice and damaging targets within an area.

Added a new Keystone Passive Skill - Vaal Pact: Life Leech applies instantly. Life Flasks and Life Regeneration have no effect.

Added a new Keystone Passive Skill - Ghost Reaver: Leech Energy Shield instead of Life.

Added four new Unique items, two of which have been designed by our diamond supporters.

The quest in the Chamber of Sins now involves rescuing Helena, a new NPC.

Added a bridging quest to send people towards Act Two after they leave the prison. In return for unblocking the passage between the two acts, you are rewarded with a Passive Skill point.

Added a new type of enemy - Blackguard soldiers, near the forest side of the blockage between the acts.

The Great White Beast has been moved to the Cave in the Old Fields. A quest has been added to slay this beast.

There's now a quest to kill the Vaal Oversoul.

The Monkey Twins were moved to the Dread Thicket.

Improved the diversity of random layouts for all outdoors Act One areas.

Improved the walls in the caves in Act One so that it's easier to see monsters.

Added new voice acted character combat sounds that have more personality.

Continued to incrementally improve the art, effects, environments and sound.

Renamed the Combined Amulet to the Apex.

Renamed the Wicked Spear to Maligaro's Spike.






When you're creating a character, you now hear a voice acted introduction to the selected class.

Improved minion AI. They'll now attack monsters in a radius around the player, or around the player's current action location if applicable. Minions that do not follow players (such as skeletons) find targets around themselves rather than around their parent.

Added minion user interface that shows how many minions of each type you have. If you have only one, it shows a life bar for that minion.

Zombies and Spectres now move between areas with you. They don't appear in town, but will reappear when you enter another area. They are lost if you log off or are disconnected. If you get a minion from a higher level area, it will scale down to the level of any area that you enter. Minions are never scaled up beyond the level they initially came from.

The item hover information has been improved to represent information about the items in a clearer way.

Changed item sockets to be smaller and hopefully easier for colourblind users to read.

Skill and Support Gems now have tags that show what types of things affect them. For example, gems affected by "+1 to Level of Fire Gems in this item" would now say "Fire" on them.

Important plot NPCs in the wilderness that talk to you now have their text listed in the chat window, in green. This is used sparingly.

Unidentified and white items are now prefixed with "Superior" if they have increased quality. This makes them easier to notice on the ground.

Arrows are now real projectiles rather than faked long-range melee attacks. This means that they can now miss if the target runs out of the way before they arrive. This also applies to wands.

Projectiles now have a minimum and maximum spread when multiple ones are fired at once. This prevents them firing in overly tight clusters or too spread out so that they go behind you.

We've added large icons to the Passive Skill Screen, to make it easier to identify the theme of each cluster of skills.

The item comparisons that appear when you press alt are now shown to the right if you're looking at items on the left side of the screen.

Leech now also triggers if you do damage to energy shield. Previously it only triggered if you caused damage to life.

Damage conversion effects from the same damage type are now scaled if they would convert more than 100% of that damage. All damage conversion which does not come from skills is scaled down such that the total damage conversion (including the conversion from skills) is 100%.

Sockets now only appear on inventory/stash items if you press alt. They don't show permanently if you have Z (or equivalent) toggled.

Zombie and skeleton skills now display correct life values, including your modifiers.

Item allocation now displays a progress bar rather than a numeric timer.

"Critical Strike Damage Multiplier" is now known as "Critical Strike Multiplier".

Portals are now shown on the minimap.

Explosive Arrows now have their own arrow effect. If they miss and stick into terrain, they'll explode as normal after a short time.

Dead players are no longer shown on the minimap. This was a problem in hectic PvP situations.

You now cannot receive the Baleful Gem until Fidelitas is dead.

Quest items now have flavour text.

Added a new death animation for monster totems.

The Labyrinthine prefix now has a consistent effect on different types of Map areas.

Renamed many dexterity item mods to avoid duplicates and to make names more appropriate.

Added a display of Cast Time to skill gem hovers.

If an item mod affects your entire character (where it would normally only affect that one item), it now has the word "Global" in it, to resolve ambiguity.

Changed skill popups and the chat interface to have single pixel borders rather than gold frames.

The item names of Quest items are now green. Gems are now teal.

Improved the variety of prefixes/suffixes in the random names of most rare items in the game.

We renamed some base item types to avoid conflicts with new rare item names.

Minions now always teleport to you when you get too far away from them.

Players are now notified properly when they receive passive skill points, refund points or bandit stat rewards.

The tops of most trees now look better when close to the camera.

It's now much easier to click on portals that have minions behind them.






Phase Run is now available from the Medicine Chest quest for every class.

Slower weapon base types now do more damage. The slowest weapons have the highest overall damage per second but are most interruptable.

The bandit quest reward for siding with Alira has been increased from 30 to 40 mana.

The Weapon Elemental Damage support gem and passive skills now no longer affect unarmed attacks. No other stats that include the word "Weapon" affect unarmed damage now.

Increased the size of elemental damage mods on weapons by 16%.

Changed bows so that they're not skewed towards cold damage and now have a slightly higher overall rate of elemental damage mods occuring.

Increased the chance of elemental damage mods occuring on sceptres.

Doubled the effect of damage reflection that comes from Map mods.

Quadrupled the effect of damage reflection on monster auras.

Monsters now have to be 50% closer before they can cast Cold Snap.

The Map mod that affects monster pack size has been reduced to +20-50%.

The Map mod that affects the size of the level has been reduced to +20-50% and works more accurately now.

Increased the amount of life leech available implicitly on claw weapons.

Rebalanced the properties on level 60+ items so that the requirements and damage/defense are higher.

Increased Item Rarity and Item Quantity mods can now only spawn on gloves, boots, helmets, rings and amulets.

Reduced the duration of Oak's Immortal Call substantially.




Skill Changes:


Raise Zombie: The skill gem now allows three zombies to be raised, regardless of level. The passive tree allows up to five additional zombies. Their life has been reduced by 30% and they now have armour. The damage bonus for zombies now only applies for skill level 15 and up (level 54 zombies).

Raise Spectre: Monsters now have a large multiplicative movement speed bonus when raised as spectres (capped at the same speed as a raised zombie). The passive tree now only has one additional spectre passive. The penalty to spectre life and damage has been substantially reduced at all levels of the gem.

Summon Skeletons: Life increased by 50%. Skeletons are now summoned in pairs, regardless of the level of the gem. The maximum number of raisable skeletons now starts at 4 and goes up to 6 at maximum level. An additional six can be obtained from the passive skill tree.

Poison Arrow: Rebalanced its mana cost progression to reflect the fact that it does damage in a comparable way to spells.

Leap Slam: Reduced cast speed from 1.9 seconds to 1.2 seconds.

Minion Life Support Gem: Mana cost reduced from 150% to 140%. Increased life now starts at 30% (rather than 40%). Quality on this gem now provides half the bonus it did before.

Shock Nova: Damage increased by 14%.

Dominating Blow: Now works with unarmed attacks and has no limit to the number of minions it can create.

Infernal Blow: Now works with unarmed attacks.

Explosive Arrow: Now does not explode each time it pierces through monsters.

Temporal Chains: The quality bonuses have been corrected to not include movement speed, as it is already part of the core effect.

Trap Support Gem: Now starts with a 12 second cooldown, but this decreases as it levels up.

Reduced Mana Cost Support Gem: Renamed to "Reduced Mana", as it also reduces reserved amounts as well as costs.




Passive Skill Tree Changes:


Reduced the amount of nodes in the attribute highways, especially in outer areas of the tree.

Added many notable passives to external areas of the tree.

Reworked the Templar opening area.

Reworked the non-bow portions of the Ranger opening area.

Made several other pathing changes to improve hybrid classes, level 18-35 choices and other elements of the passive tree.

Added Ghost Reaver and Vaal Pact keystone passives (described above).

The Golem's Blood notable passive has been reduced to 1.5% life regeneration.

0.5% life regeneration passives have been reduced to 0.4%.

Reduced several block passives.

Increased the number of life passives available, especially in the dexterity portion of the tree.

Additional minion passives are now notable passives and now either provide +1 spectre, or a benefit to both zombies and skeletons.

Additional minion life and damage passives have been grouped together so that each cluster provides a specific advantage, rather than all groups providing a similar set of mixed passives.

More accuracy passives have been added to the dexterity section of the Shadow part of the tree.

The 2% life leech passive is now a notable passive.

All life and mana cost reduction passives are now red, accuracy passives are green and additional mana passives are blue.




Bug Fixes:


Fixed a bug where players could bypass minion limits by using multiple skill gems of the same type.

Fixed a bug where shattered Shield Crabs would drop no items.

Diamond Kiwi pets now have shadows.

Fixed a bug where swapping weapon tabs while being stunned could cause your character to freeze.

Fixed a bug where items on your alternate weapon set might not have their requirements checked correctly.

Fixed a client crash that could occur whenever entities are deleted if they still had effects in the world.

Elemental Proliferation is now affected by increases to Area of Effect.

Fixed some vendor recipes that could generate items with quality greater than zero.

Whirling Blades now checks evasion properly, rather than always hitting.

Fixed a bug where the result of piercing was different on the client compared to the server.

Fixed a client crash that could occur when gems become ready to level up.

Fixed a bug where monsters that cast curses would attempt to curse your totem (which can't be cursed) repeatedly.

Fixed a bug where you could get two power charges from one monster with Power Siphon if your attack speed was fast enough.

Fixed a bug where very full stashes could cause a disconnection when being opened.

Fixed a bug where the font on popups could be wrong after the game window was resized.

Monster Auras that affect players (because the monster is converted) can now be influenced by game mechanics that affect your auras.

Fixed a bug where using the arrow keys to adjust stack sizes in the stash would also change which stash tab was active.

Whispering now works properly even when you don't type in the correct case for a character name.

Pressing Alt while the key is not bound to anything will now not freeze the game client.

Fixed a bug where killing the map boss "Belcer, the Pirate Lord" would count as completing the Fairgraves quest.

Fixed a bug where the life bars of party members were displayed behind ground items.

Fixed a bug where resetting keys to their defaults would not be detected as a change to the setting and so the save button wouldn't enable.

Fixed a rare crash when hovering items linked in chat.

Fixed some bugs where damage modifiers described as "Melee" could apply to some projectiles.

Prevented the passives that add both Armour and Evasion from having a double effect if you have the Iron Reflexes keystone.

Fixed a bug where players would be unable to right click on other players in town to access the dropdown menu if they had a totem bound to their right mouse button.

Fixed a bug where items on the ground sometimes display as unequippable if your attributes have changed since you first saw the item.

Fixed a bug where you would sometimes queue two attacks if you press the shift key while holding down the mouse button.

The chat box now ignores Alt, Shift, and Ctrl so if those keys are bound as the highlight keys, they'll now work when the chat box is open.

Fixed a bug where changes to the "Filter White Items" setting would not apply until Alt or Z was pressed.

Fixed the possibility for a player to be rewarded for their own death, if they killed themselves.

Fixed stats that shouldn't be visible on website items when unidentified.

Fixed a bug where scrolling up and down on the Friends List while having the Chat box focused would scroll both.

Fixed a bug where the UI could get stuck if you deleted an item while changing area.

Fixed the ability to bind certain keys such as ` and ~, among others.

Fixed a bug where you could hover your mouse cursor over monsters that were outside the game's window, in windowed mode.

Fixed bugs related to who was assigned credit from kills by converted monsters, or by minions of converted monsters.

Fixed some display problems when whispering item links.

Fixed a bug that would occur if the user presses escape while holding down the mouse to move.

Fixed problems where the chat window would occlude vendor and NPC chat windows.

Fixed a bug where holding the mouse on the Stash or Waypoint nameplate would cause UI panels to flicker.

Fire Trap now deals area damage properly.

Fixed a bug with the display of nameplates on small chests.

Fixed a bug where some magic monsters would have an implicit mod listed in their title by mistake.

Fixed a bug where portals in one Map area would be at the wrong height.

Flicker Strike and Frost Wall can't be used through walls anymore.

Fixed a bug where you could get gem popups to show along with comparison popups.

Fixed a bug where the "Allies cannot die" aura prevented exploding monsters from detonating.

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0.9.12b Patch Notes

Chris GGG:


There's now an "Always show sockets" UI setting.

Flasks hovers now display how many charges they currently have.

The map representation of the blockage at the Prisoner's Gate now updates correctly when you complete the "The Way Forward" quest.

The Golden Hand quest is now only given to you after you've rescued Helena. You still have to kill the Great White Beast first.

Fixed a problem with chat where the overlay map, inventory and passive skill tree would appear on top of it. For now, this means that chat will go over the top of vendor windows again until we fix that later.

Approximately 25 base item types have been made visually smaller, to conserve inventory space.

Reduced the frequency of voice acted yells that occur when the characters cast spells.

Restored the stat description on the Cold to Fire support gem.

Fixed a crash with Ice Shot.

Fixed a crash with Lightning Strike that would occur with specific two-handed mauls.

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Well, I finally got around to downloading this earlier today, and can I say thank you to the people here for bringing it to my attention. It's been a real blast today, and as I have a week off, I'm hoping I can get a lot of play in. I've only played six hours, and died a few times in the process, but it's been a blast. Here's to more of the same tomorrow.


Friend add :



I can answer questions etc. besides while level´ing I usually got global turned off and only chat in party / teamspeak ( skype).

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Version 0.9.12c (Current Version)

Chris GGG

End-Game Map Changes:

The player's "Increased Item Quantity" stat does not affect the drop rate of Map items any more. It does still increase the drop rate of everything else inside Maps.

Maps now drop 24% more often.

The mods on Maps that increase the quantity of items (and Maps) dropped within that Map are now around 50% higher.

It's now slightly easier to find higher level Maps.


Damage Reflection Changes:

Removed the damage reflection cap. There is now no limit to the amount of damage that can be reflected by one attack.

Reduced the damage reflected by monster auras and Map mods by 20%.

Reduced the radius of monster damage reflection auras by 20%.



Reduced the brightness and width of the band of colour on item sockets. We'd like to get feedback from colourblind players about whether they're still able to distinguish the different socket colours now that they're darker.

Changed the passive tree slightly to allow faster access to the outside for the Templar and Marauder. Any characters that have allocated the passives that were removed here will have their passive skill points refunded by this patch.

Fixed some quest reward skill gems that were set to the wrong level.

Fixed a bug where your highlighted quests on the World screen could be changed after going to a new area.

Fixed a bug where Fairgraves would appear next to his illusion form rather than on top of it.

Fixed a bug where Belcer, the Pirate Lord would be invisible and would not attack you.

Fixed a server crash that could occur when using Summoned Skeletons and Auras on different weapon sets.

Fixed a client crash that could occur when whispering another player.

Fixed a patcher crash that could occur when installing the game. If you are stuck unable to run the game after installing it, please delete the zero byte Content.ggpk file in the Path of Exile directory. This state should not occur from fresh installs any more.

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Laissar on his Nalume got level 56 before sleep ... currently rank 16 & nr 1 witch.


DA_Meep_meep got level 32, and are currently rank 92.

I got to act 2 cruel before getting sleepy.


still 4 days to go off this weeks ladder race, it ends tuesday midnight gmt or 2 am wednesday european central time.

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Chris GGG:

I've posted the 0.9.13 Patch Notes. We expect to deploy it tomorrow, but don't know the exact time yet. We're still sorting out some loose ends with the special surprise we have planned.


0.9.13 Patch Notes



Due to substantial changes to the game balance and passive skill tree, we've reset all the passive skills again. Please take care reallocating your passives so that you can use your equipment and gems.






Added a new Intelligence skill - Arc: An arc of lightning stretches from the caster to a targeted nearby enemy and chains on to additional targets.

Added a new Strength skill - Devouring Totem: Summons a totem that can consume nearby corpses. If you are hurt, it will destroy a corpse to leech life to you.

Added a new Intelligence skill - Conductivity: Curses all targets in an area, making them less resistant to lightning damage and giving lightning damage a chance to shock.

Added a new Intelligence/Strength skill - Flammability: Curses all targets in an area, making them less resistant to fire damage and giving fire damage a chance to burn.

Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity skill - Frostbite: Curses all targets in an area, making them less resistant to cold damage and giving cold damage a chance to freeze.

Added a new Dexterity Support Gem - Chain: Projectiles chain to nearby enemies as they hit their targets.

Added a new Dexterity Support Gem - Fork: Projectiles fork into two new projectiles as they hit their targets.

Added a new Strength Support Gem - Fire Penetration: The attached skill ignores some portion of the target's fire resistance.

Added a new Dexterity Support Gem - Cold Penetration: The attached skill ignores some portion of the target's cold resistance.

Added a new Intelligence Support Gem - Lightning Penetration: The attached skill ignores some portion of the target's lightning resistance.

Removed special chests from the Cave in the old Fields and from the Weaver's Chambers. All dungeon areas now have a chance of spawning a special chest. There is also now a guaranteed one in the Dread Thicket.

Utility Flasks now have new art. This only affects flasks found after this patch.

Added seven new Unique items, five of which have been designed by our Diamond supporters.

Further improved the randomness of the Western Forest area.

Continued to incrementally improve the art, effects, environments and sound.




Player vs. Player Arenas:


We've added support for PvP arenas.

Initially there are both 1 vs. 1 and 3 vs. 3 matches available.

You can either play Level 28 Capped PvP in Normal difficulty or Open PvP in Merciless difficulty (with resistance penalties).

Level 28 Capped PvP requires that you haven't entered Cruel difficulty and are not higher than level 28.

To enter PvP, talk to Greust and click "Join PvP". If you're in a party, then your whole party will be placed in a queue. If any member of your party cancels then the whole party is removed from the queue.

Once there are enough players to form teams of the right sizes, you'll be transported to a random arena. 3v3 arenas are generally larger.

During the match, up to nine rounds are played. The first team to win five rounds will be declared the match winner.

In 1v1 matches, a round is declared a draw after 90 seconds.

In 3v3 matches, the time limit is 120 seconds, but draws are only awarded if the teams have equal numbers of players alive.

Because of the best-of-nine effect, every two draws will reduce the number of wins a team needs by one.

Teams are coloured Red and Blue and are given a coloured aura effect.

There are dead monster corpses in the arenas that can be raised as minions.

Traps, mines, totems, auras, buffs and minions are destroyed between rounds.

Like any other spell, casting your auras is part of the PvP fight and can't be done beforehand.

Flasks are replenished by a few charges between PvP rounds. It's important to manage flasks properly - if you use them all too fast then you'll be at a big disadvantage in later rounds.

Hardcore deaths in PvP arenas are currently not permanent. We'll be adding permadeath hardcore PvP options soon.

Different login gateways have different PvP queues, for latency reasons. For example, if you're on the American gateway and want to play PvP with your European friends, you'll have to change over to the other gateway and join the queue there. This will of course be at a higher latency as you'll be playing on European servers.

If you're dead in a 3v3 match, your view will spectate another team member.




Other Features:


Revamped the appearance of the hint box that appears when you kill the first zombie.

The Merveil, Brutus and Vaal Oversoul fights now lock the door behind you for the duration of the fight, so that players aren't able to retreat to the linked area. Portals are still allowed.

Bandits now emerge from tents properly rather than just appearing.

Updated the character selection screen so that it matches other parts of the UI. Leagues are now also shown with icons.

Spawn can now emerge from the ground in certain cave areas.

You can now use arrow keys in the vendor window to change between tabs of items to buy.

Killing Brutus or Merveil will now grant the next waypoint.

Characters will now occasionally comment on the deaths of rare monsters.




General Balance:


Resolute Technique's "Always Hit" now only works for accuracy/evasion rolls. The Acrobatics keystone can avoid it.

Minion Instability is now scaled correctly by stats such as minion damage. This large functional change required its explosion to be reduced to 33% of the minion's life rather than 100%.

Packs of goatmen in non-Map areas now only have a maximum of one Goat Shaman in them at most.




Active Skill Balance:


Ground Slam now attacks at the speed of your weapon.

Flattened progression of the Blind support gem - lower levels of the gem were improved, higher levels reduced.

Reduced the life of raised zombies and summoned totems by around 10%.

Reduced Flame Totem's damage by 14% and life by an additional 30%.

Doubled the mana cost of curses.

Reduced the effect of the Temporal Chains curse, due to being overpowered in both PvE and PvP. This also affects the version that Maps inflict on you.

Rescaled Poison Arrow. It now starts off around 85% stronger at level 1 and is about 1% weaker at level 15.

Reduced the effect of higher levels of the Clarity aura.

Viper Strike is now 38% better at level 1 and 3% better at level 15.

Puncture is now scaled to start much stronger with a flatter progression to match other melee skills that scale weapon damage.




Passive Skill Tree Changes:


The Chance to Dodge passives between Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics are now 3%/3%/2%/2% rather than all being 1%.

Reduced the opening Marauder life passive from 15% to 13%.

Split out 10 Strength from Heart of the Gladiator to a new node.

Increased Perfect Aim to being 15% Projectile Damage/+20 Dexterity (from +15%/+10).

Changed Templar life node connections to increase traversal speed.

Increased Templar life regeneration node to 1% from .8%.

Changed Templar Spell Damage nodes to Elemental Damage nodes.

Increased second Duelist Attack Speed node on right side to 4%.

Increased the early Duelist one handed and two handed attack speed nodes to 4%.

Moved life as an early option into Duelist choices.

Added a 1% life regeneration node to the Duelist area.

Moved the Shadow Trap nodes much further out.

In the Shadow area, added an early life cluster where the Trap cluster was. This life cluster includes flat life.

Moved Iron Reflexes closer to the Ranger area and further from the Marauder.

Added a cluster of "Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier while wielding a Staff" passives.




Bug Fixes:


Improved client memory usage - this will reduce problems for users with 32 bit versions of Windows.

Fixed a bug where monsters would not curse a player if they were already cursed by the Map.

Fixed a bug where Remote Mines that fire projectiles would not target enemies properly.

Fixed a bug where it was possible to pick up two items at once by accident.

Flasks can't be used in town now.

Modified screen shake so that it'll cause less headaches.

Flasks which heal minions no longer apply to totems, traps and mines.

Fixed a bug where you couldn't lift items to the cursor while Alt was held.

Fixed problems where players could walk through the edges of Sarcophagi.

Fixed a bug where an enemy would retain the green ally highlighting after a conversion trap expires.

The chat window now doesn't overlap the instance management screen.

Fixed a bug where the game could not display "ffi" in the smallcaps version of the font.

Fixed a bug where a monster could continue walking up to you after triggering a Conversion Trap.

Fixed a bug where the mod that reduces flask charges used would not apply to the flask UI correctly.

Fixed a bug where a subtle quest notification box would fade out each time you join the game for the first time.

Fixed a bug where you could highlight objects that are off the screen by moving the mouse out of the client's window.

Fixed some problems with firing projectiles past corners.

Fixed a bug where disabled items are linked as disabled.

Alira's Martyrs are no longer afraid of fire.

Fixed a bug where critical strike damage multiplier could be reduced below 100%.

Fixed a bug where /squelch and /unsquelch didn't work as true synonyms for /ignore and /unignore.

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Some ACT 3 screenys and sneakpeak.


Path of Exile’s lore and mysteries deepens as you explore Sarn’s abandoned docks, markets, temples and sewers. For reasons unknown, General Gravicius and the Ebony Legion have sailed from your homeland Oriath to scour Sarn for its secrets, joining Piety of Theopolis in a race against the player to plunder Sarn’s tombs for wealth and power.


In the Solaris Temple, a magical army of floating constructs known as the Ribbons continually sterilize the temple even as the centuries wear on. Even though thaumaturgist Malachai the Soulless is long dead, evidence of his dark experiments remain.


In addition to undead, magical constructs and corrupted horrors, players will encounter some unlikely allies. An encampment of exiles survive on the man-made island in the middle of the river, led by wise and well-sPoken Karui warrior Maramoa.


About Sarn: A shattered city, a sinister mystery, a land tainted with insanity.


You’re standing at the edge of Sarn, the ruined capital of the Eternal Empire. Not so eternal now. Its citizenry is gone, taken by death and undeath in equal measures. Where hawkers shouted their bargains, ladies browsed for silks, young lovers walked hand in hand… creatures of nightmare stalk and feed. Beasts born of corruption. The restless dead, bitter and lethal. A cursed city of painful promises and preternatural peril.


You are an exile, banished for your crimes to Wraeclast, and given a life sentence in the land of the damned. But Wraeclast wasn’t always like this. It was once an empire of ten million souls, a beautiful and bountiful continent that prospered for more than a thousand years.


Something happened. A cataclysm. A corruption beyond reason. Wraeclast took itself off to bed one balmy evening and, come morning, it failed to wake. It slumbers, tossing and turning in the perpetual nightmare that enslaved it during the darkest hours.


Players must fight their way through the necropolis to answer a question: Who murdered Wraeclast?


You’re not alone in your curiosity. Others explore the twisted capital city of the Eternal Empire. The Ebony Legion has sailed from Oriath to scour Sarn for its secrets… avaricious maggots on a fecund carcass. General Gravicius plunders its tombs for wealth and power.


Piety of Theopolis harnesses corruption like a lover to her bedhead. Her lovely visage hides an imagination most monstrous.


Is everyone and everything in Sarn out to kill or maim you beyond recognition? Pretty much… with a few exceptions. As a fellow exile, Hargan, will tell you: “Welcome to dirty, old Sarn, the metropolis of opportunity. The opportunity to make something of yourself or the opportunity to have a very messy death.”


So far GGG has raised an impressive USD$1.2m in crow-funding which has helped development and improvements in the lengthy on-going Beta process.








Some of the monsters that appear in Act III.




The Ebony Legion


The Ebony Legion are a long way from their home in Oriath. They have blazed their way to Sarn, and occupied the bridge that joins the two halves of the city. Their garrison on the west side funnels their troops across the bridge to the Battlefront on the east.


Although the Solaris Temple is not their sole objective, a substantial portion of their troops are devoted to breaching its threshold. Under the unwavering command of General Gravicius, more and more soldiers are being sent to battle the continual tide of Ribbons flowing from the gates of the temple.




The Ribbons


Animated tapestries that float and kill with equal ease, the Ribbons are relics of the past that have persisted into the present. They protect the Solaris Temple and eradicate everything from the smallest of dirt stains to the fiercest of intruders. Over the centuries, they have kept the sacred site in pristine condition, polishing, reknitting, and repairing every blemish and fracture wrought by time.


No mercy is shown to any who dare trespass, be they soldiers of the Ebony Legion or wandering exiles fool enough to venture inside. The Ribbons eviscerate all intruders with mindless efficiency, as they viciously protect the secrets and treasures held within the temple… as well as the ancient will that guides them.

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Hmm, mebbe I should finally give in and check out the Act 3. Been putting this kinda on hold, waiting for the final wipe. Wouldn't want to loose all those nice goodies I could stumble upon before that... :P

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“Welcome to dirty, old Sarn, the metropolis of opportunity. The opportunity to make something of yourself or the opportunity to have a very messy death.”


Love that line. At least there's some honesty in there... Looking forward to act three (and the open beta launch), although I haven't got through act two yet - I keep starting new characters to try out different skills from the passives tree.

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Wow this thread is old, over 2 years since first hearing about this game and the open beta is almost upon us :bounce:


The last character wipe is on the 23rd so how many of you guys will be playing it?


They have released an open beta trailer which looks pretty awesome


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Sure, I'll be giving it a go, but not quite from the "start". Got whole lotta games from Steam sales.

Mainly Skyrim, so I'm quite sure it'll suck most of my time. Still, glad to see, we're almost there with this one. :)

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Where's everyone hiding lately? Are you still playing PoE?

I reinstalled it yesterday-> its fun :) minions ui are much better and the game runs great (gpu only 60°)

startin this mornina summoner and a totem-templar ->with some great help from dmol :drunkards:

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I've been intending to get on, but somehow I've gotten soo sucked into one mobile game, Deity Wars, that my days are almost all spent into it. :P

But I'll be logging in one day. Been playing some in the past and really liked it.

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NEW Loot system!! :drunkards:


The upcoming 0.11.0 patch contains three modes for item allocation. We've been discussing them for a while but are now ready to explain the system that we're trying in this patch.

A party leader can choose from the following item allocation modes for his party in 0.11.0:

• Free for All: Items are not allocated to players and can be picked up immediately.
• Short Allocation: The exact system we have at the moment. Valuable* items allocate to a random nearby player for a short duration. There is a small bonus if you're far away from the item.
• Permanent Allocation: Valuable* items allocate to a random nearby player.

*Valuable items are the ones that currently get allocated to players - Rare items, Unique items, Currency, Gems and Maps. We've also added items with four, five or six linked sockets to the valuable items list. Base types of the level of your world area or higher are also allocated. This only applies to level 60+ world areas.

The item allocation mode takes affect when an area is spawned. We wanted to avoid abuse cases where the party leader can change the allocation mode while their party is currently in an area. If you accidentally create an area with the wrong allocation settings, just make another.

Allocated items are still visible to everyone, but greyed out.

A frequently requested change is a "Map to Maker" system. Traditionally, players who want to play Maps with strangers run the risk of having the Map drops grabbed by people who didn't pay the cost to create the area. In 0.11.0, white Maps allocate to the creator of the Map for all types of parties. This will mean that it's safer allow friends or strangers into an area that you have spent a Map or currency on. Magic/Rare/Unique maps follow the normal loot allocation rules so it's still possible to find Maps if you are playing in someone else's area.

In all cases, items de-allocate if the allocated player leaves the area or if five minutes pass.

While I personally prefer the Free for All mode, I'm looking forward to improving the game experience for players who dislike item tension. We welcome your feedback on the above changes!


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ookay, Chrona, heh, we're now downloading this, t

Pretty big download, but the depth of builds looks amazing, never seen anything like it

In fact, the way the game looks, is very reminiscent of sacred, ... we likes

I'm half way down on the download, my ingame name is gogoblender

Let's see what its' all about

Attacks look FAST




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Hey guys :bye:


maybe some remember me from Sacred 2. It's been a looooong time. I'm playing PoE for a while in standard league. Starting in the new HC league at release. I'm looking forward to see some of you ingame. :starwars:


Greetings :)




Welcome back :)

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