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Request to join Guild Wars guild


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Hey, I was wondering if FDM has an active guild I might join? I have a level 7 necromancer (name: Noctus Umbraheart), a level 6 dervish (Rajek Myln), a level 4 assassin (Ysthilan X) and a level 4 warrior (don't remember his name and don't really play as him).

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Hi Rndm,I'm really sorry, we don't have an active Guild Wars guild going now...it was taken off active status when we started playing Sacred 2.


There are still some peeps here playing though, and you can ask Genenut for information on her playing times, as I believe she has access to the old Clan [D.a.r.k] Guild hall.


I'll keep this topic open for a few days, then will close it if no more information comes up.


Cheers and good luck with the game...we're still playing with Sacred 2 here, as soon as the wiki has is almost done etc... we'll be ready for GW 2...I think





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No worries mate! I'm actually just flattered that you asked. This is making that new game look good andI know that Genenut was posting about Halloween in GW.


Maybe you can catch a ghostie back with her to Ascalon ^^





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For those interested in joining or catching up with us inGuildwars ...


I or Lord of the Northern Realm should be in a lot tomorrow or later tonight for Halloween The best character name to look for me is Lady Jade Greye, and Resh Yawin Krull is Lord's main character. Lord is an officer so he can do the invite if I'm not available if you are looking to enter the guild hall


I can guarantee we will be at the Noon and 3pm arrival (all times US Eastern standard time) of Mad king thorn in either Lion's arch or Kamadan tommorrow. Our characters will be on all day but we may be AFK frequently at times other than those 2 arrival times. If those times don't work for you let us know via a pm here when does and we will try to catch up to you.

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I'm bumping this topic to know if the Guild is still available to visit and to request a guest pass to visit the Guild Hall and maybe join the guild to get done with the campaign faster now that Guild Wars 2 is much closer than in the beginning of this year.




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Just saw this today, We are still active in GW. And to help things out I have also created a group on Facebook. Guild Wars D.A.R.K Guild

I have added Gogo, Schot, and Genenut to the group. If any of our D.A.R.K friends who are on Facebook would like they can also join this group. We can post on it and schedule group events as well as post when the different festivals are. All are welcome!

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