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Yaga [D.A.R.K.]


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Ho Ho just wanted to say helou again. Been a long while since ive posted anything so I figured it was about high time. Since I just passed 1 MILLION ships .. see below:


Rank Player Ships

1 [D.a.r.k.] Yaga 1.000.532

2 [solid] bone11 622.574

3 [Others] crwdog 621.151

4 [Others] mika del siro 592.563

5 [Others] ThE DiO 374.554

6 [PAX] cfree 346.670

7 [PAWNZ] Ban Dana 300.954

8 [Others] klorivac 297.361

9 [Others] Lord Valhalla 296.325


Anyway nice to be here again. Ponder if anyone remembers ogame, me. Still playing ogame, gintu and stormcrow on eternal vacation apparently, Cygnus logs on now and then. Thats all that is left of us. I am mostly building, hoping begging for someone to come into my path. And hoping in vain for merge of unis :)


Bought the sacred 2 thing with additions .. but never installed them oO (blame BHJ!)




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Amazing. A million ships, and the clan is STILL ROCKING. heh, Yaga, this is an amazing post. You've stirred up old memories of what all of DarkMatters is based on, our humble beginnings as a browser game.


I remember those early years... sometimes running in from work to run to the computer holding it in, no bathroom no... must...check... ships...


Yeah... that O'crack






p.s. Pretty interesting idea though... merging unis's... there has really been talk of that? And is it still free to play, or have they conned you into buying officer's?

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Hey hey Yaga. Long time indeed! Hope all is well with you and that some poor soul finally stumbles into your devious web of ships. Gratz on MILLION!

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There was actually a poll on merging the unis sent in mail by GameForge(!), but I havent heard anything more about it. Game is still free and playable without the officer, but I have to admitt ive had some from time to time to speed up resource production. Nothing else. I just build stuff.


Anyway im fine. Actually working on a driving lisence oO I hate myself for waiting so long. Desember 13. is the big day if everything goes well on tests. BEWARE .. norwegians that is.. those who live in mo I rana :)

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That's not a bad concept. I know that the setup of he game makes for superb start game, but it's nature means that everyone ends up being eaten.


A kind of merge would have been interesting. Think they would have done a kind of equation for re-distribution of points?


And... c'mon tell us... how many Rips Yaga





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omgod, the miner account..it's now legendary! ya done good guys... We have ruled in just about every game we tried to play! Oh wait...wasn't there that kingdom thing or something?







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