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DarkMatters closing for renovations and software upgrade - Nov 30th

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Hi everyone!


We're just posting notice that tomorrow, November 30th, the forum will be down for perhaps most of the day. The server move is complete, and we're going to be spending most of the day tomorrow getting the database updated and seeing what kinds of stuff is broken after :drool: We are upgrading to the latest edition of IPB 3.1, best community software in the world! There's going to be lots of bells and whistles coming with it, most importantly a greater connection to sites like facebook and tweeter...with the new software we're hoping be able to add facebook "liked" buttons to posts and topics, and much more.


One of the softwares we bought a few years back called IPBWiki... a bridge for us to admin SacredWiki with this forum's own database is not being sold anymore. We're a little worried about what that may mean for registrations for the wiki, but we may have to do it manually for a while and work with permissions differently. As well, all wiki image links may be broken :devil: Images in the wiki with img tags may not show up properly, so Schot is also going to have to write up a sweeper to pull out as much of the code as he can, and we may have to ask for volunteers to help repair broken wiki functionalities. We have actually done some neat shopping for us all for the up and coming year, with a new semi-dedicated hoster, tons more bandwidth, lots of hard drive space, and we should soon be able to actually host all the Sacred game patches ourselves, not just links that keep breaking because mirrors keep going down or are too slow.


And... of course...y'all must have noticed the uploads/downloads library built a few weeks ago... :crazy:


This version upgrade of IPB software is a big leap, we're crossing our fingers we make it across to the other side safely, quickly and with a couple of cold ones waitin fer ya^^







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I was going to say you might be pulling your hair out by the end of the day...but...well...uh....guess I can't use that line :sick:


Just let me know what sections of the wiki need fixing and I'll do as much as I can (hope the list is small :woot: )

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Oh boy, I've been avoiding this job for a loooong time. This is going to be interesting, lol. Pray for me?


I take it then this isn't gonna include the new goodies for the map coordinate system is going in as well.. Ah well... Better wait and get it working 100% before deploying something buggy...

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This all sounds very massive.


Hope to see everyone on the otherside safe & sound. Although, I agree with Arperum. He nailed it!


@gogo...take it easy on Schot. Feed the man very well. He will need his strength.


@Schot...slow & steady. Remember the hair who lost the race, childhood story? Lastly, persistance without exception wins the day.


I remain, :sick:

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