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Wintersday 2010


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"Wintersday is Coming!


Beginning at 2 PM Pacific (- 8 GMT) on Thursday, December 16, you can enjoy lots of Wintersday Festival fun, including special quests and activities, seasonal items, the Snowball Arena, and more. Get details on www.guildwars.com, and join the event though January 4! "




Come and play in the snow with us in guildwars .....


If you would like to visit the guild hall msg me in game my main toon is "Lady Jade Greye" and I can either give you a guest pass or add you to the guild if you would like to join.

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The new hats are a halo and a set of grenth horns. The finale is here! Come and sit and drink or dance while Dwayna and Grenth battle it out to determine the length of winter. Fun for all :-)


Lady Jade Greye will be in Lions Arch international districts the rest of the day in various stages of drunkeness and quaffing other potions as time goes by for those looking to visit or join the guild hall....

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I have been in off and on all day trying to finish up bonuses to missions I need to get them on and then its off to hard modes on my main woo hoo joy of joys

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