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Guild Wars 2


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I know its been a long time since I have posted and came around but I do lurk from time to time. But I was wondering who all is planning on playing Guild Wars 2 I know Vampie and I have seriously talked about it and I know Lord and Gennut are going to play as well. I would seriously love to have an active clan Dark guild for Guild Wars 2. But I guess I will be lurking some more till it comes out and working on my last couple toons in Guild Wars going for maxed titles on both of them.

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I started playing Guild Wars a few months ago, didn't get really far (level 14 at Divinity Coast), but I was hoping to get back into the game in the beginning of 2011, to try most professions and play through the campaigns.

I would like to find people who'd like to start from scratch just like me.




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I could be persuaded to start a new toon. what chapter you wanting to start in?


I would do all the chapters if I could, but if you tell me that one or more chapters are boring, we could skip them.

We could start by the beginning (Prophecies).

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Allright I'll take note of your ingame name.


I'll try to be online as often as I can (most likely at the beginning of next week) during evenings and/or on weekends (I'm -5 GST I think).


I'll be more active after my girlfriend and I move away from Montreal (we're moving in 3½ weeks). Meanwhile, since the TV and the computer are 5 feet away from each other, it's hard to do both at the same time when she's there. But this will no longer be a problem when we'll move.


Anyone else wanna join the fun while we're at it?




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Thanks Schot I've been lurking for some time now off and on. Heck you might wanna join me and metal in some good old fashioned GW's when we start up man gonnna go through all the chapters I might even roll another ranger just for SnG's lol


Woot both my accounts are back in Dark for GW woo hoo so now I should be easy to find

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