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Starting New Toons


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So far Metal max and I have been talking about starting some new toons and going through all the campaigns we are just wondering if there is anyone else wanting to do this and what campaigns do you have so we can decide where we want to start or if we are just going to start in prophecies first then go from there also if anyone wants to use a voip ie Skype or vent I could probably talk to my brother about using his vent server for this as well if its only a couple of people I would prefer to use skype

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Daemonrocks would love this since he has a brand new acct. I would certainly like to join in for sections of all 3 campaigns as I've only finished the prophecies part and I didnt get the bonus on all of the sections and I really would like to :-)

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works for me do you guys have head sets yet so we can use vent or skype? I am talking to my brother about using his vent server though so that should help out alot

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