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Sacred 2 Downloads - Secret Agent Ice Elf Build

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File Name: Secret Agent Ice Elf Build

File Submitter: gogoblender

File Submitted: 13 Feb 2011

File Updated: 27 Feb 2011

File Category: Ice & Blood High Elf Builds


The correct choice of skills and modifiers transforms this mild mannered waif into the deadliest of all classes. After the huge nerfs to +all skills and deathblow, the challenge, after the release of Ice and Blood, was to create a purely magical build with no weapon lores or weapon combat arts that would be able to hammer down guardians while weathering their devastating assaults. By gogoblender and Schot



Click here to download this file

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Gogo, you should be aware that the build you uploaded is the level 88 "gogoblender blazing" girl and not the secret agent :P You did well with the skill selection and leveling her up though. Nice char anyway ;)

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haha, oops

DB was telling me about this last night when he downloaded it. We were doing so many things at once trying to get the downloads going, and I put up the wrong toon.


Thanks for the words though, ^^

When I have some time tonight, I'll bring up a few more of my builds and change that one to fire HE with Damage Lore (that's what it is right?)





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