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New major update to Guild Wars


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developement news


GW just got a BIG update.


Ever wanted a party of 7 of your heroes instead of having to hire 4 henchmen? You can do that now.


Ever wanted to use one of your own characters as a hero? You can now ( a fee applies to obtain this upgrade)


You can now obtain both Legendary Defender of Ascalon AND Survivor in pre-searing ascalon. The New Vangard quests allow you to obtain the titles with no death leveling needed for Legendary Defender of Ascalon.


There have been changes to the survivor track and drunkard track and a skills trainer for pre-sear ascalon!


There was also a major skill rebalancing for Dervishes and much more.


If you havent played Guild Wars in a while come back and see all the changes...

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That is a HUGE update. I think I don't even mind the extra charges for extra goodies option either. I just have so much respect for this company. They have me by the heart.





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Well, this is not yet an official update, but this information is interesting enough to be discussed here.


This year's Guild Wars 2 conventions (Gamescom & PAX) contained a lot of information about Guild Wars 2, but also about Guild Wars 1.


Earlier this year, the devs "revamped" the Dervish skills (see first post). One of the devs revealed that they are also working on the same kind of update for other professions.

Here's the official quote from a fan at the Guild Wars Unofficial Forum :


Some information for you guys. Some type of Elementalist update is coming. The team is interested in working on the Elite skills first, then the secondaries.


And example of something they were looking at concerning Gust (may be completely different when released):


5(e) 3/4 © 10 ®

Elite Enchantment


For 10 seconds both your and target ally move 33% faster. When you cast this spell, all foes near you and your target take 58 Cold damage. Attacking or moving foes struck by Gust are knocked down.


They are also looking to revamping (do not know how big this "changing of skills" will be) of the smite monk (monk), Ranger, and Paragons (order randomly given by me).


So with Guild Wars : Winds of Change coming progressively, we can also expect these updates for the game in the near future.




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Had an elementist in my party when I was playing, AI controlled. Felt that at the time, their "magic" wasn't thunderous enough for me. I've seen the new vids, the class is looking awesome.


Thanks for update Max





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