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Game of Thrones (Beware, may contain heart-breaking spoilers)


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I like how the show departed from the books. In the books, nothing happens. No ice zombies, no dragon stuff, nothing. Tyrion and Daenerys are wasted on some boring stuff.


I will agree with Daenerys not doing much...I know freeing the slaves is a big deal and consolidating a power base, but she doesn't seem to be doing anything to advance her cause to win the Iron Throne. While I like her character, I got to the point in the books where I would groan when I saw her name at the top of a new chapter. I just knew nothing of major consequence was going to happen.


Tyrion though has had a major hand in several events. Though now that he's with Daenerys, who knows? Hopefully he's the impetus to greater things for both of them.


I have decided to re-read the books though the first one is slow going. Hard to pay rapt attention when you basically know everything in the book, but quite a few hints have been placed in there. There was one line in particular that intrigued me. It's at the end of the chapter where Jon Snow and Tyrion are talking about being Barstewards!. The conversation ends and Tyrion walks away. The last sentence reads.


"When he opened the door, the light from within threw his shadow clear across the yard, and just for a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king."


Makes me wonder now if Tyrion might be bound for greater things......or I'm reading too much into every hint or description :)

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I was watching some analyses of the show on YouTube and while Danny fits the most signs of ahorazai or what ever they are doing a really slow job of moVing her along. She's spent two season in the same city and done nothing but lock up her dragons in a dungeon. She's boring. Also someone brought up some really far fetched but cool idea that tyrion might actually be tragarian as well which could make him one of the three dragon heads.


Even though producers n actors both say jon snow is dead I think that would kill the show and all the work of bringing him to the point he had gotten. I think they're trying to just lower our expectations and prevent from giving anything away since season six will probably focus on his brothers n sister who went in search of the man in the tree.


The show is more my gfs thing so I probably won't even watch until she says something interesting happened. I only watched for Jon n Danny. Ones dead n the other is boring. I need motivation to go back.

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Now they only said he wasn't coming back for season 6 though I'm pretty sure he's under contract thru season 7. Plus dead isn't really dead unless they've been burned or decapitated. Melisandre just happening to be at the wall as this happened is just too convenient for me.


On a lighter side..I thought this was pretty funny

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... must... not ... click...

I'm going in a trailer virgin on this one... just have to make sure anything I read on the net or anywhere else like in previews keeps the surprises for me... Dang, I'm so looking forward to this season!!




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I just re-watched all 5 seasons...just to make sure I didn't miss any little hints/foreshadowing. I have read all the books too but the tv series has deviated a little bit more and more as the seasons progress.


This will be the first season where I know nothing (just like Jon Snow). 6th book still isn't out even though last one was over 5 years ago.


So since GoT is a big deal at my work, decided to subscribe this year to HBO...I don't want to hear any spoilers before I watch. I've always just bought the season dvd and binge watched before, but with not knowing what is going to happen for the first time, can't do it this time. One co-worker is terrible at not spoiling movies/tv series etc


So hurry up April 24th and get here already......

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Same here, just finished up re-watching the show. Here's a fan trailer with all of the Season 6 clips/promos/scenes included. Take note of the Jon Snow quote at the very end. :o


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Going through all the maps, all the appendices, every blood line, and have made sure to revisit at least a part of a book every day...

I'll be ready for any reference, innuendo, or clue in this showing...

what happened to those years of series when they used to do like 24 a year... what's with all the shrinkage




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I think they would run out of money with 24 episodes....think it costs on average 6 million per episode...so I would rather have fewer episodes with higher quality than the opposite....


Though in a perfect world...24 epsiodes per season is entirely acceptable to me :D

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Well this is officially worse than waiting for Santa Claus as a kid...not that that wasn't bad....but at least I knew it was going to be very good for me....


I have no idea what will happen this season....well got quite a few theories..but nothing definite...so this waiting for the unknown is hard....gotta be the longest day of my life lol


Least I'm watching GoT season 5 marathon on HBO right now...takes the bite out of waitng a little bit....87 minutes and counting

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and... yes we're in the Game of thrones zone again for two months!

We're obviously being held on the edge of the big rescue... that last five minutes of the Red Witch pretty cool ^^





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It was a classy effect, lots of restrating... optical effects instead of cgi can really be jarring.

I'm glad that the first scene we ended up at was where we HAD to be ... at the stabbing of Jon Snow...

can't figger out where they're going to take this... is there at all any hope:)





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This is my first season watching it as it comes out. I'm realizing the show doesn't work so well when it's: episode--wait a week-episode--wait a week...


I guess every character has to get a little bit of screen time in ep. 1 of the season. The flipside is that no one gets much development.


The only thing I predict is a falling out between Jaime and Cersei. Their dynamic is waaay different right now. And I'm ready to Arya to kick it into overdrive. Characters are spread out enough, I'm hoping the show starts bringing plot threads back together.

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Oh man I got so many theories on what is going to happen (yeah I watch/read too much stuff). Some of them are plausible, some are more tinfoil hat time. But I won't say any in here since I don't want to possibly spoil anything. I may be right on some and if you hadn't even thought of it I may spoil some excitement.


Though I will say this, not including Jon Snow......I'm positive another major character, thought to be dead will re-appear and have a major confrontation with another family member. I can PM anyone my theory if they want to know...rather not post here because I don't think many are thinking of it.


BTW...so happy Sansa seems to be getting stronger...man she's had it tough so far....really hoping she starts to kick some serious ass. Plus Theon as bad as he's been, think he's suffered way more than enough...hope to see him get strong too.

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