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Sacred 2 Downloads - Llama's CM Patch Mod

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Greetings Llama! First (good ol' Von Bek again), I'd like to say, I found myself a copy of Sacred 2 Gold, after having some troubles the first time. Second, this mod is glorious, but I've found a few things with the Dragon Mage that may require your attention. I found a type in one of the Psychic Hammer mods: I think it was the 2a description, "Spychic."


Next, I was also wondering what the purpose of the Armageddon spell is. It seems to be wildly overpowerful. I tried to rationalize the count of damage and the amount of damage done. I know it doesn't move and has a rather horrendous cooldown time, but wow, still very powerful. I feel it should be looked at again, find a balance between his other Combat Arts of the elementalist school or his Combat Arts as a whole. As I write this, I'm trying to think of an idea myself, and realize it is very, very difficult to come up with something that would operate within the bounds of "Elemental Magic." Hmm. At the moment I'm just of the mind that I kinda liked the Barrier, even though it WAS greatly limited in its applications. Oh well. Just some food for thought, tried to give some of the reasons it stuck out to me. If I can clarify anything, lemme know!


Again, this mod is AWESOME! I absolutely love, L-O-V-E, love the dragon magic transformation. Haven't toyed with it much, but I will when I make up a Dragon Mage shifter. Keep up the work, sir!


Edit: Maybe a petrification spell? Or a low damage spell that acts more as a debuff, with mods giving a chance to slow, lower attack, lower resistances, stun, physical damage over time, affect a small area? Give it a cooldown and a slightly lower regen time?

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Okay guys, I've done it and activated the MOD, but it's not working? I have the CM by the way. But how do I get the activated mod to work?
The problem is, when I try to 'extract' the files from download or 'copy' using 7Win or something, it doesn't let me and says it failed. So I opened the zipped Llama mod using windows explorer, then copied the Llama folder into MODS folder in Sacred 2, but that does not work even after activating it.

Thanks for all the help btw

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It probably won't be long at all til the next CM Patch. It's in final testing now. I don't think you want to play an outdated version of Sacred 2 anyway. But I'd you insist I think you need v 1.20 or 1.30.

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No, uninstall the mod then uninstall the cm patch. Then install the old cm patch then reinstall the mod.


And please stop spamming multiple topics and my inbox with the same question.

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This week Llama graciously gave me permission to update this mod for the new CM Patch 1.50. Hopefully I will get that done in the next few days and then he or I will upload it so players can still enjoy this great mod. :)

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Great news! The download link is now updated so you can now play Llama's CM Patch Mod with the new CM Patch 1.50. Fans of the Temple Guardian and the Dragon Mage will definitely want to give this one a try.

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