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Why do you post?

Guest gogoblender

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Guest gogoblender

Hello everyone!


This is something I've wanted to ask for quite a while now. The reasons for posting. Of course I understand that a lot of us just like to write. I myself am an addict. Heh, it seems like there's always something else that I've seen that I want to share. Or talk about. Or discover with the help of others. Forums have helped me with my skills regarding tolerance, discovery and writing...and...perhaps even spelling? ;)


I've asked myself why is it that forums have an addictive quality to them. Is it the fact that after we post we get a response quickly? Are we looking for satisfying responses that answer our questions regarding content? Are we looking for tonal affirmation? Friendly people? A nice looking forum?


The Sif was my first forum. And the nice people there and the quality of inclusivity regarding the tolerance of others' ideas and points of view was quite a rarity. Indeed...I have found few other forums that matched that forum in it's heydey.


Moderators are important I think as well. Finding good moderators that are capable of never denying or flat-out rejecting other points of view but instead finding polite and civil ways of making others feel at home with their post offerings is probably key.


It takes courage to post. And I remember that my first post was a real stomach churner. lol, I remember lurking on the SIF for months before I had the courage to venture forth and post my first reply...and LOADS of pepto bismol on hand when actually pushing that submit button for my first very own thread!


Regarding the look of a forum...well I think that has it's place as well. I don't think I believe that anyone that wants to write as a matter of expressing questions or exploring new ideas wants to believe that what they are setting down is ephemeral. And while nothing lasts forever...creating an atomosphere or environment that simulates a lasting feeling for our creativity can help with finding good posters.


Clan Da...I salute you. Some of your forum skins are simply brilliant. And the idea of having one of your skins with parchment backgrounds was an act of sheer genius. I myself remember that simply for that one effect itself I found myself thrilled to set cursor to electronic paper and found comfort in the look of my words on the world they had created.


In building this forum and finding great joy from the comfort and words of you, my friends, I find myself wishing to please the people that have had the patience and temerity to put up with this journey's sometimes chaotic but always surprising turns.


I don't know if anyone can always promise happiness.


But maybe we can promise a touch of serendipity.


Thank you for posting.







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Ahh GoGo as always a great thread.


Posting it's like that connectedness no matter how random...like chinese whispers...all goes in circles...... thoughts out there all joining up...it makes the world seem sooo much more accesible and smaller like a big village :)



I'll just say that ;)

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+1 Postcount:P


Nah, J/K. I guess I just like sharing my mind.

And I love enlighting people. Or set them right if they are being idiotic.


I actually think my first forum was SIF as well. But the forum I use the most now is www.warriornation.net/forum^^


Wait, I actually think GameFAQs came before, oh well.



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- Writing/posting for me is an optimistic excerise, the hope that someone will be affected by someone, using words as primary tools. I want to see a world in which ideally everyone will have access to all kinds of informtion, and as a matter of course, we will all be better equipped to understand each other for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part...





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To spread knowledge, out-post Gogo & possess everyone else's minds with subliminal text messages.











































































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:wacko: Llama=right Llama=right :blink:



Weeeeell, I grew up in a house with 5 other siblings and mom and dad didnt have much time fer me soooo.


I do it for the attention! Lookat me! Lookat me! :bounce::bounce::bounce:


Haha, actually I've never been much of a poster. I'm such a slow typer and have always been too impatient to take the time to post but I think I've improved a bit. I'm makin an effort now that I'm an admin. Darn you gogo, you tricked me. :P


In a way that part about getting attention is true I suppose. I enjoy reading responses. But on the whole its sharing a good time and growing ideas with others that makes me wanna post.





Also, there seems to be a sort of maturing process with regards to posting. Many of you may have forgotten this process because you've been posting for a long time. I am, however, in my posting infancy and so it occurs to me that posting is like learning how to speak all over again. The way in which we comunicate to eachother via posting is quite different from having a real time conversation. Even my personality, I find, has to be redeveloped and customized to suit forum life. Well thats my take on it anyway.


I should probably create a thread for this thought...

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When I first came to a forum (ISF) I jumped from post to post trying to see what was behind each poster’s words, each phrases, and each texts.


After a long search I found: DaGirl, Krank, erialc, Gogoblander, Sdraken, Dutch and many others…


I fell in love for their ideas and their thoughts, at least for what I could translate from the storm of thoughts they put into their posts. As the time went by they earned my respect and that leaded me to follow most of them from forum to forum. That is why I am here, that is why I post, and the reason that makes me to do so is that their words have much importance to me.

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Well I started posting in Sacred's Fun Small Talk section as u could get a good Idea as to the persons personality that posts in a particular thread.....those that seemed like fun peeps eventually made it Into my MSN contact list then eventually onto Skype ...and into the ONLINE games ....


All in all I post 4 Fun ...and read the Fun sections of the forums 4 Laughs .... :smart:


C U around ....

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  • 3 weeks later...

When I'm stuck ingame I run to the particular game forum for help to see if the question has already been answered. Problems are usually dealt with already by the time I get round to playing the game!

Then I came across Sacred small talk. That was the most fun forum I came across.

Long after a stopped playing the game I still remember the wonderful people I met and miss and some wonderful ones I still keep contact with...even following them to here.

I LUUUURV you people!



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I post since I like the members. There are the are always relevant / entertaining info here - even if not related to any special games, it is updated info. I dont have excessive time for games but if I do any at computer that is not jobrelated -it is gaming

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Riiiight... want to know a bit more about me? alright *clears throat* here goes...


I first posted in the SiF and had fun with them. The first clan I joined was GDC, but the clan slowly disbanded when most of the players joined ROSE. I then joined the Warrior Nation clan when WNSacred was at its peak and I had fun at that section until Guild Wars came out.


I played numerous other games, most recently WoW, but the clan was way too harsh about the Multiclanning laws. After 2 scares rgarding the amount of members, I have left for this clan, but hopefully my Guild Eternity (leader is Avariel but I'm not sure about the merge to here and Spawn) will come here and post and learn a bit more about other sections. Hey maybe we can become allies too! :D


Anyway, going a bit OT... I've got a Quote from a comedy show Mock the Week regarding the News in the UK...


"The two youths convicted this morning... GOT WHAT THEY :su: DESERVED!!" ;)

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  • 1 month later...

I post because I have nothing better to do and I love the sound of my own fingernails tapping on the keyboard :wink_smile[1]:


Hmm I don't know... that's like asking why do you have conversations...


I post so me and my opinions are known. I post to support ppl I care about. I post for so many different reasons, depending on what I am posting. But mainly I post to puzzle and confuse... is it working? :rotfl[1]:

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Why post ? good question gogo.


:blink: it is first for me an occasion to use your wonderful smileys :diablo[1]:


Well anyways it is also for lack of better word, a forum that is kinda like my third, if not the second ingrown toen nail! I consider you guys as a family cause you guys are soo COOL!!




Even at time of exams, I still have to come here and post. so there's no way I can get rid of you no matter how yellowish and disgusting the ingrown nail is :gunsmilie[1]:




So if you see me on the street wearing sandals, and see me with a nicely decorated, blue ribboned yellowish ingrown toe nail that most people would at first reaction to do this




you would step back and reason. An idea might come in mind and tell your nice brain that this is an ogame family member ;):wub::wub:


I know you wont get enuff of :wub:


Hahahaha LOL Hk.

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  • 1 month later...

I post because I like to talk (like was previously said figuratively)

and also because I like to hang out with the nice people who exist in the forums I frequent ( /blush im turning archaic /blink ) and because I just like chatting, to some day reach 10,000 posts in at least one forum ^_^

oh and to possess Llama before he possesses everyone else


P.S. like others also my first forum was the SiF a great forum in is time I arrived after its heyday but when it was still going strong and it was a very pleasent friendly and inclusive community

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Guest gogoblender
I post because I like to talk (like was previously said figuratively)

and because I like to hang out with the nice people who exist in the forums I frequent ( im turning archaic /blink ) and because I just like chatting oh and to some day reach 10,000 posts in at least one forum ^_^

oh and to possess Llama before he possesses everyone else




ten thousand posts?




*runs off to go buy more bandwidth*







p.s. still always great seein ya here Tim...now post some pix of you in action with that viola

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with pleasure GoGo your wish.... well aint my command /wub /smart

*runs off to persuade someone to get a digital camera* :D

ho hum I guess and it porbably wont be a viola more likely a bass :o



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Hmm, why do I post?

Well, here specifically, I started posting because I figured it would be a good idea to do so if I was to join the alliance my friends left me to join :) Now, I post because I'm enjoying the company and discussions.


In general, I post in a forum when I think I've found one in which I can have discussions on topics I have an interest in... go figure, eh? This one seems pretty diverse and open to new topic ideas, which is cool... but the pace can be a bit slow, so I have to be careful not to overpost... of course, I have like 43 posts in the week I've been here, so perhaps that's a bit much.

Basically what I look for is posters with open minds, an interest in actually discussing things (putting thought into posts, rather than tossing out a one liner just because) a decent pace and a friendly atmosphere, even when discussions aren't neccessarily on agreeing topics. Of course, I do visit a board that doesn't match any of these criteria other than perhaps the pace... and I'm not sure why I keep going there :P

Of course, I also post because I'm opinionated and often on the verge of boredom... so I look for things to relieve the boredom and allow me to be opinionated at the same time. Awesome.


The layout of a forum can be important, but I don't like fancy layouts, I'm more for elegant or understated form with functionality. Overall, it's a fairly minor part of whether or not I post somewhere.


So, yeah, rock on.

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Joined Sacred forum to see if anyone had some advice on chars builds and weapons.... boy, did I find a lot of advice and interesting approaches in char builds ! So I started neglecting work to read more and got addicted !


found some nice topics here and now I'm really not very productive at work ! most gamers seem to have same interests as me and that's why I keep returning...



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  • 3 weeks later...

@gogo: I think you guys have done a great job engendering the kind of relaxed, friendly atmosphere found at the Sacred official forums. It probably wasn't too hard, since the SOFs are that way chiefly because of the Sacred community itself. As far as gaming communities go, Sacred has a high-quality following comprised of people who don't cotton to gaming at the expense of others. Having fun is the big golden rule, and it's good to see it's the rule here too. /thumbsup


Why do I post? I must. I'm a compulsive writer; writing is like breathing or eating to me. I do it without much thought or effort behind it: I just do it. Kinda like Nike. Just do it!


The internet is a great place to me primarily for the reason ericalc mentioned: the connectedness. That's what appeals to me the most. Putting stuff out there, taking stuff in, and connecting with people in different parts of the world is great fun. You could say I'm addicted to it. I have made quite a few friends via the internet, thanks to discussion forums like this one. I've lived in various places around the world during my life, so hooking up with the international community online is a piece o' cake and very natural for me. Or, it's sushi. Maybe brotchen. Croissant? /unsure


Soooooo, the connection is what it's all about for me.

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  • 4 months later...

Its been strange for me..

I have never had dealings with forums till O game and the Dark Matters forum.

I was sort of shy at first, but I love them now. I like how I have got to make friends with so many amazing people from all around the world. I grown to care for many I have met. For me, I love hearing other peoples point of view, and I have learnt so much about so many different things.


I also like that while writing, you get to express yourself in a way that shows others a little of your personality. Forums are cool. But this one rocks! :whistle:

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  • 1 month later...

Why post? I post to learn about the people around me and to gain friends. I like to converse of course and posting is a good way to do such.


I have been posting since I have a computer. First thing I learned to do :)


It helps to get to know people ask questions and at times goof off. I currently am on over 10 forums. I forgot about this one for awhile :D. Ogame seems to be the main thing I post about so posting about what I am doing and what I need to do is always good. Also showing off your nice fleet always brings a smile :D

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  • 2 months later...

I post so that other people can get to know me and I get to know about them. And the great thing about this is its from people around the world so you get to expreiance other country's ideas

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