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Please welcome Lujate to Clan [D.a,r.k] Sacred 2!

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We a have new member here on board. Lujate has shown his passion for the game with written out quest guides in the Wiki, and a steadfast attention to helping new members in our forum with problems that they may have in getting our game running through bugs. He's come to use from the console platform and he's already made to the HC servers.


Please help me welcome Lujate to Clan [D,a,r.k]!






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Welcome aboard Lujate, hope to see you for Sacred 3... I've played 2 so much that I turn green when I hear the music :Just_Cuz_21:

I can relate to that. It is like a favorite song that you play so much that you wear out the tape. It gets to the point that you get nauseous just hearing it. Years later you hear it and think back with nostalgia, but it is never the same. I am not to that point yet with Sacred 2, since I am still relatively new, and these days I am having trouble finding time to play.

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