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Temple Guardian sketch

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Sorry for the quality...


Anyway, just a quick sketch. I've been having issues getting myself to draw so this is about all I had time for today; took about twenty min. I like it for the most part, some issues but at least I drew something!



BTW, that is a Kolbold head :) It's my shadow Temple Guardian Oxus, only character I've managed to stick with so far.

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I like it. Nicely done. There is something about the armor that reminds me of ....... uhg... tip of my tongue, can't remember the book......

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I love it. The sweeping lines, and pointy edges.... Like old school Elven Armor ...... ugh Title of the book still eludes me.

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lol...this is the first TG I"ve ever seen that has some character in it. Nice work. Trying to give a TG some personality is not easy, but...I can even see this one in his own animated series ^^





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Lol, the TG is always saying how much he hates Kolbolds so I figured it would work. Thanks for the comments, though to not sound over critical of my own works, I wish I wasn't being so lazy :( I wanted to do some kind of awesome pose with the arc beam, while the TG was using propelled lev to fly backwards from the explosion that hit a group of kolbolds....lol...

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Lol, I do appreciate it :)


I'm going to try and sit down with the character again. Nothing too over the top, just another illustration, but a better pose and actually do shading. I generally knock things like this out in ten min (the one posted) but I've just been having issues getting into sketching. I wanted to do some metal effects, some lighting practice, etc. Maybe I'll manage to get my blenders back out ;)

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If you insist on improving on what's already pure sexiness, go right ahead. o.o Honestly, I like the fact that his proportions look better than the original. That change alone makes it more intimidating.

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Well you tell me what OC you are interested and I'll see if I can find one of mine I'm wanting to see. I have a character that has somehow been named "Mosh" throughout the years, but while he is simple to draw in a way, his spikes are time consuming and will drive you insane lol.


Either the one on the top left or the bottom left are the ones I'd like to see, though the one on the top left is a simple way of cartooning him, so it's much easier (huge spikes and goofyness) The other guy, I've not finished the design so it would be an older one that's a bit heavy on stuff to draw ;).



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