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Temple Guardian sketch

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*considers drawing busty redhead instead* =3


Actually, they're not so bad, though if the bottom left, I'd like to see a full pic of him to be sure. :) Either way, my pencils should be able to handle either one.


As far as my OCs are concerned... I have a bunch of them and can't decide which ones I would like to see. If you happen to end up finding one you like before I decide, go right ahead and draw him/her/it out. =3

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Lol, I'd have to show you real imafges of the one on the top left with the spikes. This is one of his original designs I did when I was a kid so when I did the sketch page I sort of did a throwback to what he used to be (Ahh, I miss the simplicity). It's just the spikes, and the way I end up doing them is all. He's actually pretty simple.


Though if you want to do the busty redhead, she is Nara:







She is my oldest character, sort of likea Gallery Mascot from back in the day (She is a pair with Mosh though I draw her stand alone)


Those are old drawings though, it's been awhile...I feel bad :(

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Mason looks more like this in his final designs:




I wish I had a more finished version of him :( I sort of just scribbled this one down, tried to work on it several times, and eventually lost interest because I went off drawing Nara as a naked voodoo queen.

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Thanks. Now I'm indecisive. :P All three look good, but I can't draw all three of them. >.o; If you got another pic of Mosh you can show me, I will decide for myself whether it's truly difficult or not. :) Time-consuming, I can believe, but it's not something new to me. Afterall, my Naked Jehuty sketch is a testament to that, followed by feathered wings. ;p

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Very cool. Let me draw him out for you so I can show his design, but the biggest thing about it is he's my muse, so he has no specific "way" of being drawn. I've got ice versions, demon types, goofy types, human types, etc. It all depends on how you want to draw him, that's why I say he is difficult as to not make him look the same every time. Basically he can be easy as well if you make the design work with very small or few spikes.


This is all he really requires: The cyclops skull with two horns, some sort of spikes on his back, the smoke from waist down, and banded stripes on his arms. Past that, draw him however you want, even a mecha robot mosh if you like lol. He's free form, never needs to be drawn one way.


Far as your Oc's, I can't decide. I want to draw a male, and I want to draw him huge and evil. Who comesto mind?

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I think I have an idea of what to do in general anyways, but I shall wait. :)


As for my OCs? Male, I have. Evil, I have. Huge... very little (I think two or three...), but I have. All three at once? That I don't have. :P Not yet anyways. >> So at the moment it comes down to male and huge or male and evil.

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