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The ultimate Shadow Warrior Lazy build

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Ok I might edit this build at a later ocation but atm ill just type it out asap since im doing it during my lunchbreak.

This is my first build guide and my first post here.

Really like this game, but need a lazy build since im more of a casual player and wants a powerfull build that doesnt take to much effort. So if you want a true challenge this is not the build for you, but if you want an overpowered god mode build then this is what your looking for.

Im not an english native so bare with my bad english.


Im not gonna go into equipment and stuff but rather focus on the stats/skills/Combat Arts.


Lets start:



Theres actually only two options here imo, vit or sta, since thoose gives the greatest return. I put between 50-100 points in sta and the rest in vit, since we are takeing skills that will help alot with the regens.

This will give us a great hp and hp regen boost.

Why not str or int or something that gives dmg? Well simply becouse you need to put to much in to it to even get just a 1point increase in the dmg. So its way more worth to put into survivabillity (vit) and regen (sta) wich in the end will increase your dps (cast a CA more often and it will end up doing more dmg).



Astral lore - Master 1st and then keep at char level

Astral focus - Master 2nd and get up to 100 then stop

Tactics lore - get a few hardpoints in to get 6mod points then wait with it master 6th

Concentration - 1 point for now to run two buffs master 5th

Constitution - Master 3d

Armor lore - Master 4th

Ancient magic - Master 7th

Death warrior focus - Master 8th

Combat Disciplin - Master 9th (-20% to regens is verry good add damage and 4combo to that)

Sword/Hafted/DualWield - Master 10th (This mastery isnt really that important, im getting sword/hafted due to wielding a 2h for insane dmg on Spectral Hand)


Combat Arts:


Nether Allegiance (Buff) - Mod this first since they will handle your aggro and help you kill. 1a 2a 3b is what I prefer.


Skeletal Fortification - this will be your main killer so mod it after. 1b 2b 3a (prefer being abel to trow out alot of towers over faster firing, but its up to you but I can have at least twice as many as thoose who choose fire rate over cooldown...


Shadow Veil - This is what makes you into a god, mod it 3d so its readdy for when you got enough runes in it to make it possible to use Combat Arts without being noticed this will also be your 2nd or 3d buff. 1b 2b 3a (3a makes it a buff, I prefer 1b over 1a due to the fact that we will be hit by Area of Effect and will not get reflective emanation as buff, and since we invest heavy in astral lore we will get the true invis anyways)


Spectral Hand

Rallied Souls


Will continue this post later...

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