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My very first 3D Animation!


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I've finally done it. Mwahahaha! *lightening crackles and thunder booms!*


I forced myself to do something with my 3D software called Maya, finally!


I gotta say tho. If there is a most confusing piece of software it's likely to be a 3D app. Whew! This opens a huge new realm of possibilties. Thanx again to Yarasa. Yer always inspiring me and such. *chains Yarasa to tha forum* Mah muse. :)


So to give a lil run down I created this in Maya 7 and batch rendered it using Mental Ray(this means I had Maya save each frame of the project as an image) and then brought all the images into a program called VirtualDub and compressed all the images(24) into a divX avi. And, you'll be happy to see Yarasa, the movie is only 114kb!


Ok, yes. It's finally oh so clear now... I'm a geek. But I don't care! :)


Without further ado. I present to you all. Dah floating orb thing on dah shpinning whatever it is amoung the...



Oh alright. So maybe the title needs a bit of work. :P



Oh! And since this is a DivX the folks at DivX are giving DivX Create to any webmasters who use the DivX web player on their site. Woot! I have no idea what it is but it's free!



I'm off to run up and down the street screaming aloud what I've done now.


Cheers! : /lol




Arrrgh! The DivX is skipping! haha. Here's a couple gif versions instead. :)





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video title definitely requires a work on it :)

but what you done is great /woot


Once I installed Maya on my computer and after the one time open un-installed right away /wacko


It is really complicate software and I am glad you find your way around it


I am going to talk with the world leaders to add some extra hour in the day for you to work on your projects :) (what a sentence - even I lost in it). If 30 hours a day will be fine for you I will force for 30. Please let me know.


Expecting more to come...


great job, once again /bow

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Yeee Haw!!!


You done done it!! and it's great!! it's excellent...and that title....welll....the work is amazing!!!


Spin it babeh!!!




Huge drinkies in the bar for you!!!!



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Guest gogoblender

Bravo my friend!

I know how long you've been waiting to do this for.

All your study and generosity with giving so many imagest to others has paid off.

It's a beautiful image and I'm sure just the first of many to come.

All I can say now is...






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Well I'm on my way to becoming a linux user now. I think it's high time I trash the dispicable windows OS and start using that linux I've been waiting oh so long to try. I'm hoping that using linux instead of windows will increase production speed. Heres hoping anyway. Oh and if anyone is familiar with linux I'd just like to say... HELP! /wacko


Thanx for the kind words guys! I can't tell you how big this is to me but gogo knows, haha. I've been going on about doing this for years!

So all I have to do now is fork out about $3000 for a workstation. *gulp*


Oh and Yarasa. Yes please. :) 30 hours should be fine. Could you tell them that I'll be requiring a cleaner, a cook, a driver, a nurse(to replenish my IV bag of caffiene), a technician, a hydro station reserved for my pc, uuuummmmm... I'm sure they'll understand. :)


Already got plans for my next attempt! Now if only I knew how... /lol

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Here is some unix help for you :)


Actual UNIX commands and responses...


% make love

Make: Don't know how to make love. Stop.


% got a light?

No match.


% sleep with me

bad character


% man: Why did you get a divorce?

man:: Too many arguments.


% rm God

rm: God nonexistent


% make 'heads or tails of all this'

Make: Don't know how to make heads or tails of all this. Stop.


% make sense

Make: Don't know how to make sense. Stop.


% make mistake

Make: Don't know how to make mistake. Stop.


% make bottle.open

Make: Don't know how to make bottle.open. Stop.


% \(-

(-: Command not found.


% make light

Make: Don't know how to make light. Stop.


% date me

You are not superuser: date not set


% man rear

No manual entry for rear.


% [Where is Chandra Levy?

Missing ]


% "How does Gary Condit rate as a liar?

Unmatched "


% If I had a ) for every dollar Reagan spent, what would I have?

Too many )'s.


% * How would you describe Bill Clinton

*: Ambiguous.


% %Vice-President

%Vice-President: No such job.


% "How would you rate Reagan's senility?

Unmatched ".

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I've downloaded Blender (blender.org) and starting with the basics, but sheesh... making 3 images is not all that easy, so I'm workin' my way down the noob-to-pro doc...

but I the Maya certainly looks very-very powerfull : Who knew ?


I will never reach that level I know... :)

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I have no idea what is involved in the making of your project Schot. :D

I can fix computers but I am a complete imbecile in understanding how to program them to do things.


From your excitement and the the posting of others I take it that this is a major accomplishment for yourself. :big_boss:

Congratulations on finally achieving something that you have wanted to do. :)



I'm a geek. But I don't care! /woot


You my friend, are indeed a geek and one I am very proud to say I know. :butcher:



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Ah sorry for the delayed response guys. When I saw this pop up I realiazed the video was no longer working so I had to dig around to find the vid and stick it back in this topic, heh. I'm always loosing my toys it seems. :)


I've yet to try out Blender Scleameth but I'm willing to bet it's a lot more friendly than Maya, lol. I had for a short time been studying at a center for 3D animation and is where I began using Maya. Maya is god! However Sadly my studies didn't last very long due to lack of funds. ;) I still plan to get there but still working out the bank robbery plans, hehe.


Ah stubbie. For anyone who has completed their studies in 3D animation I would assume this is a small feat but for me it was huge. :D To give an idea as to what needed to be done though I first created the spacey background in photoshop which was done by following an excellent tutorial. Then in Maya I created a simple plane and applied my space background image to the plane as a texture. Applying textures was the hardest part in this project. The hardest texture to wrap my head around was adding a reflective texture to the orb. As you can see the orb is reflecting the warped disc below it. For the most part what I had a hard time with was manipulating the interface. I think what makes things most difficult is the fact that there are just soooo many options and those options are buried beneath layers of menus. Difficulty to make the connections between the various options/controls when there aren't all there at the top level.


Ok, now you two have gone and given me an itch to get a new project underway... But I can't! I've got to much to do... But I must! :(


You my friend, are indeed a geek and one I am very proud to say I know. ;)


Thanx stubbie! :hugs:

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Thanx guys! Oh gosh this makes me want to cry... I just haven't had time to do any 3D work since this projects completion. :) I will though, I will! There's a ton of animation ideas I want to create and sooner or later I'll try them out.


lol borg and Knuckles. Oooook guys. Come now, put down the Bongos and Tambourines. I'm afraid the revolution is over. I think you should both sit down for this... Love is no longer free my friends. It costs a lot! :P


Oh and gogo? *does his best Schwarzenegger*

It's not a cosmic fried egg! bump2.gif

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