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Massive BFG damage


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Took me a while to realise I was doing such massive damage as I was killing Kobalds who are weak anyway.When I finally took a look I was seeing numbers around the 4k mark and my toon was only level 12.I was able to kill level 20+ champions in 1-2 hits.I admit I took advantage of it and got about 10 levels in about 1/2 hour from it.I could recast BFG and still keep that damage but it did seem to only do it if I cast while having another weapon selected.The thing is though despite being able to maintain it in that game I was not able to repeat it in any game after that.I'm not disappointed I could not repeat it because it would only be fun so long,like anything you'd get use to it and in the end all the other combat arts would seem underpowered in comparison(well not all but certainly similar styled attacks).

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Damage has a strong relation to resistances. Kobolds have really poor physical resistance and absolutely no ice resistance. If you went to fight enemies that have better physical resistance (or ice + physical), you damage will plummet down. I'm not sure how selecting another weapon will reflect BFG damage unless that weapon has any of these mods (innate or socketed): + Combat arts, + All skill, +BFG buff or something of the sort.

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