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Investigations - By the Order of the Crown


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I have the NPC Harol the Informer following me around with a question mark on his head, but I can't engage dialogue in the tavern or at the weapon dealer's camp or anywhere else and he doesn't die as well. Is there any advice on how to solve it? (already cleared temp folder)

Playing on latest patch and CM 130

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hmm yes, this issue was already reported at MantisBT, see here.

Will maybe be fixed in next version of the CM patch. For now I'm afraid you can't do anything. He will follow you until you go to next difficulty level, I think (can be wrong).

Some other player may have more light to bring on this.

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I had this same problem and solve it just by disabling the CM patch.

1º- I took Harold took me to where the quest should be completed.

2º- I saved the game "F7"

3º- I closed the game normally with the "Save and Exit"

4º- Disable the CM Patch

5º- I loaded the game again and "voila" the quest ends


After that CM patch can enable patch again the bad news is that the quests implemented by the CM patch will be all reseted



PS: Sorry my bad I'm learning englih

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Thank you for all the answers, I tried removing the patch but then didn't want to re-do the CM quests. I guess I'll wait for version 140 since I haven't unlocked gold difficulty, although it's kind of a turn off

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