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Thanes Axe - How to find it

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Alrighty, I gotta ask...


What good are the 'sunglasses'? Other than just plain cool, I mean :cool:


But, this was one of the best video guides I ever saw, maybe aside from Farmer Schot's guide to farming level 20 sets. I had actually found Thain's "on my own" with the typical wall-riding technique, but when I saw the sunglasses' quest, I went and did it, but the 'helm' you get isn't worth the trip, IMO.

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I actually like this concept of the video showing an answer. I think somewhere DaveO and Schot even did a complete video walk through with subtitles for what has to be the second longest quest in the world (After Epic from Sacred 2) which releases the prototype which needs Jacquaire's armor.


Half the time it'd fail...argh






p.s. I don't remember about the glasses... didn't they give a group bonus when they were worn together with others?

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Thanks for shifting it gogo - I wasn't sure where to post it.

Just a note for anyone trying it out - I first got it in silver around level 25 - 30 IIRC but the axe was level 50, requiring 20 in Axe Lore.

Great tool for fire based builds.

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A reminder: Axe Lore requirement can still be overridden by socketing an item with higher requirement of another skill. In the later game it's quite easy to find rings with min. Weapon (or Magic) Lore: 30-40. My GoW-mage now uses Tree Rage axe just for fun :)

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