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Any tips for interview!

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Thanks for all the advice guys!! Anyway according to Human Resources I'm only supposed to give one week notice and I can leave. However since I'm a good guy :whistle: and knowing that the week before Christmas is going to be very busy I acquiesce to my boss request to extend up to December 23. He was very grateful for that because the earliest they can get a replacement for me is next month. Good thing my new company understood the situation and told me I can start next year. At least everybody is happy!!

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gratz Jun on the new job :)


thanks gint!!


I just can't believe it yesterday I had another job offer!! But I politely turned it down because I already had a contract with the first one. So the saying "when it rains it pours" is true!! :woot:

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I said to my younger brother when he was close to finishing university to ask at companies first which he didn'tl want on first place. You can do these interrogations as a training, you are more relaxed because this job isnot the one you really wanted, but if you are accepted you have some knowledge about your worth already. You can use this as a base to deal at interrogations at companies you are really interested in.

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