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The new Sacred 2 CM patch - Now available for Ice & Blood

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Yes I hate that feeling. When you click some link and see a parked domain. Everything destroyed and can't find any other source. I don't have any other site. So I decided to do something about it. This is the first site and very new.

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Out of curiosity now that the international forum is down, are the individual updates still available somewhere for people with the original CD?

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All the links to the AScaron hosted sites are down... we're going to check and see if we have them backed up somewhere so that we can replace the links... Since they're selling the game... aren't they legally obliged to keep hosting these patches?




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Late to the party here. I do in fact know grinninglich from Grim Dawn forums and he's a standup guy. He (and many fans like myself) made a heroic effort to salvage and host all the mods and guides from Titan Quest when the main community forums went down a few months ago. He's since expanded his site to host mods for many games that may be at risk of having their mods and resources lost.



I've been in touch with him the past few days and we're working out some way to keep the Sacred 2 mods alive and kicking. Of course we have DarkMatters reliably holding down the fort but some more reinforcements are welcome. :)


Grinninglich, try messaging or emailing czevak or marcuswob on here. They are the original authors of the CM Patch. You have permission to add my mods to the compendium. I'll probably make an account on there as you suggested if I can be given editor privileges for my entries.

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Hey guys, long time without loging in nyehehe. Sacred 2 fever has awoke on me again and I'm willing to play it again. But last post was in 2016. Is somebody still working on the CMPatch?

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I instail new window , and my sacred 2 gold edition change to german . how I change it back to english ? and my game don't play any sound too

I fix it , just copy everything from locale - en_UK to de_DE and replace the global.res . now everything is english , sound good

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A new CM version is great news! Any plans to use some of the ideas from my Balance Mod in the improvements phase?


For reference, here's the link to the topic, while here's a link to the detailed changelog (which dubs as a wishlist :P).

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Community Patch make me think it's made by community , so who to thanks :)


More seriously, Thank you very much to all of you, Patch/Mods Authors AND fans ,

few days ago, I' ve decided to play this awesome games again, cause I wasn't really happy leaving it because of unstability issues, while it has that so great potential.So I readed a lot here and there, and finally could adjust some settings for more stability and now I'm having very much fun playing it again.(still getting some crash thought,but hella less than back in the days...)

Also I can't really tell about the CM patch differences right now, cause I just wanted to build a new char to farm some stuffs ( blacksmith, perception and such..) and I kinda forgot how the game was without patch last time I played it, (back in 2014 maybe..)

All I can say , is I'm having so much fun playing it again, (and not that many games can brings me fun lol)

So Again, a big thanks to all of you, and I'm really happy that this game pearl also got a pearl comminuty here at DM.


Wish you guys great fun,

now time to go back to Sloeford with my shadow warrior loll

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Hi, Filip! Could you explain your problem in more detail? There are a lot of errors that could cause something like that to happen, so you should be a little more specific. Thanks! ;)

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A quick bump here because of forum down time.

Thanks everyone for the support of the amazing CM Patch





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