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Diablo 3 - EU/US servers

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From what I understand you have to login to the same region servers as your account is set up for. So if you're in North America you have to go to those servers. If you don't you'll get a login error. At least til all regions launch and they enable Global Play. Not sure when that'll be, but they'll post an announcement.



Also you wont' be able to use RMAH outside of your home region...not a big deal for me as I'll be HC (no RMAH in HC)

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Would a good answer to this topic be... we will always be where our friends decided we're going to be per session? If we're allowed to move free and clear tween the zones now, does committing to a server matter anymore?





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Going on EU in about an hour, installing :D:D

Good luck with that. ;)


You said it..... doesnt connect.... Second day trying, havent seen anything of the game:(

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Hey Barris!


Hmm, doesn't connect you say? strange, as I just had a quick run on the EU servers a few mins ago.

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Well, after a grand total of an hour and a half of popping demon heads off with my wizard, I get booted out of my game with a big fat error 37. Comon Blizzard, moar servers needed :Just_Cuz_21:

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I saw jokes about the 37 error yesterday on a GW2 site. Is it a server capacity issue?


Yup, too many excited peeps trying to log on all at the same time with limited server space. You'd think a game that had over 2 million preorders would have thought about bigger servers :crazy:

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