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Guild Wars 2 Peripherals

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Bumping this topic because a guild wars 2 keyboard is about to be released.

Here's the link : http://shop.steelseries.com/en/keyboards/guild-wars-2-gaming-keyboard-us-layout.html


If you pre-order before august 26, you get the mouse for free.

I don't know why the price was shown in Euros on my phone. It looks very nice and it would go well with the guild wars 2 mouse pad I bought a few weeks ago.

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That page on a big, regular desktop screen had a bar at the bottom - saying:


"You are currently browsing our global shop. If we teleport you to the same page on our America shop you will see more relevant content. And unicorns.."


It's also $79.99 USD.

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Very cool looking keyboard! Unfortunately it's not mechanical so that immediately drives me away :(


Edit: Spending $80 on a non-mechanical keyboard is the part the bugs me the most. It's a little ridiculous to think about how much having a brand (SteelSeries, GW2) labeled on to your hardware can raise the price.

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I am using a Logitech G13 Pad but just to get away from the keyboard. Plus the ability to rearrange which key is where.

I also have a G110 12 programmable three layer keyboard. But like Antitrust I don't use the macro function for multiple key that are bannable.


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