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Anyone on the Diablo 3 European Servers?

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SC sounds good

This is actually a big decision for me, I'm spending a lot of summer so far outside, took up biking and fresh air :4rofl: Though I do sometimes get the need for spending an entire day online... maybe I'll have a looksie this weekend... maybe...




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I think Dmol sinclws and Spunky also run HC frequently.. Dobster,Llama the rest and me, kinda like SC only..


not sure what HC is like these days in D3, just remember that there were tons of reports about lags etc when D3 started,

and under certain conditions some skills/items still do lag or cause rubber banding I'm sure.. at least I still notice that in SC now so I never bothered trying out HC..

Brought a new toon over to EU last night, and finally this morning, the last bit of 14 gig download peddled in... yay im level 7 :P


Do you know anyone else's friend tags ?



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gogo, you forgot to add one zero ;) boom! that was fast^^


it was fun meeting you online today, hope I'll have some time this weekend..


double-bounty-reward event is coming this friday for the weekend too, good opportunity to collect a decent amount of crafting mats, in case you're missing some.. (I always do, usually^^ still have lots of legs to break down and make some room in the chest again)

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hehe.. I got a headache afterwards .. but that must be from the sudden change in weather, over here.. very stormy, warm days gone..


going to try out a few different builds on my WD now, finally found some more items and completed the class specific sets...


edit: headache almost gone.. lets hope it stays that way :)

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