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Modifying my sig

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I'm hoping to modify my sig so that it has FDM url in the sig but also make the sig itself a clickable link to Dark Matters...is that possible? I want to do a little advertising for FDM on Deep Silver's new S3 boards

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I assume this is a different board because we are already here. But, if you go to edit it, you should be able to select the image once its loaded (or the image tags its embedded with along with the image link and then be able to insert a hyperlink with one of the options the board gives you and link to FDM that way.


As to the pther part of your request, do you actually want the text "darkmatters.org" somewhere on your sig pic?

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man you make it sound soooo simple lol. It's for the new S3 board over at Deep Silver...might as well promote our site. I can photoshop the pic...was more interested in how to have the picture also be a link. Will give it a try...no promises I won't be back to ask for more help

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