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Guild Wars 2 - FDM Home Server

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Well, I wont be joining you on the FDM server for now... But that may change when the guesting feature is implemented.   I finally took the step and got GW2, like 5 days ago and I am hooked. And I m

FDM Home Server   Ferguson's Crossing - Primary   Northern Shiverpeaks - Backup   The official server list has been published, so I see no reason to put off the question of picking a home serve

I am hooked 2 days later I am already level 57... I like how the game works in regard to leveling. However, I am still stuck to EU, while you all surely play in NA, so it will be touch to pitch in...

Well then... you can welcome the newest member of Ferguson's crossing then :) Let's see if we'll manage to meet up online. So far I have 2 chars - Taerima (level 80 Guardian) and Bai Dobchan (level 21 Elementalist) and I play those in any given order to level up the crafting skills. I still wonder whether I should make only 1 crafter, or more... Decisions, decisions :)


In any case, cheers and see you all online :drinks:

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I'd like to congratulate every guild member in ferguson's crossing for helping the guild to reach 100,000 influence. Thank you for making fdm what it is now :)

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