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Sword of Blood Dryads nerf from CM Patch

Blood Hunter

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Hey, my friend Bepp noticed a "nerf" in the "Sword of blood dryads" caused by the CM patch, here, there is his message for you (I post it for him cause it hasn't an account on this forum.


Hey there. Recently, I have noticed a nerf on the unique sword "Sword of the Blood Dryads", specifically concerning the bonus "damage of enraged players +x%" . As we always knew, such almighty sword used to have an insanely high stat on that bonus, something like 200% . Hovever, in the CM Patch 130, I almost freaked out to notice that this weapon ,that allowed some of my builds to even exist, have had a drop of such stat to something like 18, 21% . I wish to ask if this nerf was planned, or just an unwanted bug of one of the CM Patches (I can't actually prove that it was the 130 version to cause the nerf). Thank you for the answers.



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