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Time for a couple more screenshots!

Here's Kiyeri and I getting ready for Wintersday with our outfits :



Here's me sitting beside a Princess Doll during Wintersday.



And here's the last one for now. Scleameth got two random consecutive exotic drops in WvW a couple days ago. One of those drops was a Charrzooka. I told Wygram he could use it for his Warrior, and here's the result :



That rifle is bigger than my character!

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Here's a player dressed with pastel colors, quite shocking (especially since he looks mad) :

Here is my Ranger wearing the helm skin from the Dragon Bash fireworks show.

I love the rifle!!!

I keep forgetting how awesome the high end content for this game is. Max, so happy you got all these goodies up, it's that extra glow in the morning that satisfies my craving along side the coffee blast.

Detail on these pix is outstanding, I just got a new mother board and cput, muhahahh, I'll be able to see detail like this live as well.





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Max, I just watched the video, the music you chose is catchy, who is it?





It's a music from Kirby 64 : The Crystal Shards videogame. It's called Studying the Factory.

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I like it on your asura. It doesn't look as bad as you told us in-game.

I personally think it fits great on my Elementalist, and I dyed his outfit in orange (honeybutter), red and yellow (banana) so it looks even better :


EDIT : I re-did the screenshot because I suddenly felt it was too dark.


EDIT 2 : And here's the complete set with the Wings and a more appropriate weapon (Molten) :


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The new retroactive achievement rewards are great. At 1,000 points, you can choose one of the Zenith weapon skins. I took the Axe skin for my Warrior, and it looks awesome : sgv.png

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