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Cloak & Dagger Thief Build

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So I've been reading up on all the noob guides dotted around the web to catch myself up on the buzz. To say I've not been doing my homework up to this point is an understatement! Anyway, thought I'd toy around with the following build the guys at guildwars2grandmaster.com have put together, seems like it'll suit my play style and looks to be nicely thought through.


:ninja: Cloak & Dagger Thief Build :ninja:


Weapon Sets

(1) Dual Daggers

(2) Short Bow


Heal Skill

(1) Hide in Shadows


Utility Skills

(1) Shadow Trap

(2) Blinding Powder

(3) Shadow Refuge


Elite Skill

(1) Thieves Guild


Traits Breakdown

Critical Strikes

(1) Furious Retaliation

(2) Side Strike

(3) Hidden Killer


Shadow Arts

(4) Infusion of Shadow

(5) Patience

(6) Shadow's Rejuvenation



(7) Vigorous Recovery


Link Ref: http://guildwars2gra...ical-backstabs/

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I absolutely loath Thieves in WvW, they are the bane of my existence (can you feel the hate dripping off my words?). In fact I hate them so much I'm leveling a thief so I know how they work and can better and more effectively stomp their butts.


edited for a typo :P

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How are you liking the Shortbow? I started playing a Thief a little for the same reason as Kiyeri. I just unlocked all the weapons skills and must say I was not impressed with Shortbow.

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