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Guild Wars 2 - D/D Ele

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Update 29 Jun 13

The 25 Jun 13 patch did not hit this build too hard. The only real change was that Lightning Flash is no longer a stun breaker. While it could still be used to reposition Earth #5, that is not enough to justify keeping it on my skill bar. In its place, I permanently added Signet of Air (previously only there for exploring). Signet of Air is now a stun breaker and its blind helps while channeling




Original post

So here is the Dagger/Dagger Elementalist that I am running:


Unlike my Mesmer build (which is 100% original) my Ele is a published build lock, stock and barrel. The full write-up can be found here.


This build is a button-pusher, and I love it! Every Ele build needs to cycle through attunements during combat to be effective, but I probably take it to the extreme. I have auto-attack disabled and only use my #1 skill when waiting for a big skill to come off cooldown. Otherwise, I fly through attunements as quickly as I can.


Weapons skills & Attuenments

  • D/D has a number of gap-closers in Fire #3, Earth #3, and Air #4.
  • Earth does a massive amount of bleeds, but in boss fights with Necros present it is easy to hit the 25 stack cap and the rest are lost.
  • My general opening combo is to use Air #4 (1200 range) as a gap closer, followed by Air #5 which does a knockdown and causes me to roll backwards. Then either Earth #3 or Fire #3 to leap back at the foe.
  • Just a warning, Air #4 sometimes targets the wrong mob. This can send you flying off in some crazy direction, aggro-ing unwanted mobs.
  • In addition to group healing, attuning to Water is my condition removal.
  • Be careful of Earth #5 early on. It has a long channeling time, so it can get you killed. Later on, you will be able to safely use it against groups of mobs. In boss fights, only use it if you have a player or pet tanking.
  • The passive effect of the Signet of Restoration is a small heal every time you use a skill. Yes friends, you get healing by spamming your skills. Life is good!
  • Keep in mind though, that early on you loose the passive effect while the signet is on cooldown. Once it is traited though, you will get the passive healing even on cooldown.
  • Mist Form-Breaks stun and gives 3 seconds of invulnerability.
  • Lightning Flash-Breaks stun. Another wonderful use is when you are channeling Earth #5 and the enemy moves out of range. You can teleport while channeling and still hit them.
  • Signet of Fire-Free damaage
  • Glyph of Elements, no questions asked. What does a melee range squishy need more than anything else? A tank. Enter Earth Elemental, the tank in your pocket.
I finished this character some time ago, but I was waiting to get armor skins so she would look presentable for her portrait.




This video is from a Twilight Arbor run.


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I'll surely try it with the Elementalist I am bringing up now. I already did some fighting with dual daggers in order to unlock all weapon skills, and I gotta say I like it. Still needs a lot of jumping in and out, and paying close attention to the health bubble :)

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Thieves I can take, Mesmers I can handle, but when I see a ele with 2 daggers I run! not that it helps much, because they chase you down and lay down the hurt. You can't get away!!!! And the damage starts, slowly at first, but then more, more, MORE! While I'm franticly trying every trick in the book to stay alive, the ele is there running around me with full health just spamming the hurt....

A very effective build to anyone interested in the not-at-all-squishy elementalist.


Nice portrait there Lujate and a good few tips you lay down.

*I think I should bring up some portrait pics in my build too*

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I have added a video to the original post.


I do not do a whole lot of WvW with my Ele. In my hands, my Mesmer is just so much more effective and the Ele has a few glaring deficiencies (all caused by the short range). The Ele works wonders in open battle if the odds are not stacked against us too badly. Fighting against vastly superior numbers is suicide. Also there is little this Ele can do in sieges due to having no ranged option. The mobility is great though. Attuning to Air gives swiftness on a 12 second cooldown, and Air #4 can be used for a speed burst. I once had an enemy group chase me from the northwest supply camp in EB almost all the way back to my spawn in the southeast.

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Over the course of the last few days, I am noticing how powerful this build is, even at lower level. It drops down veterans much more easily than with a staff, and I last longer in a fight. I love it :)

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I was about level 40 and not impressed with my Ele when I discovered this build. Almost immediately I was running personal stories with Kiyeri that were 15 levels above me. Surprisingly I held my own, except for the few times I got one-shotted.

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Oh, that happens. The Elementalist is still squishy, but with dual daggers he/she can really dish out the damage and that is what saves the build. I would still keep a staff when in party, though. No need to be up there when the others do the tanking, and the staff skills aren't bad at all.

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  • 3 months later...

I am working on 100% Map Completion, so I dropped Signet of Fire and put Signet of Air in its place. This was for the constant swiftness buff. I have discovered that Air can be incredibly useful (possibly more so than Fire). The active effect of Air is a blind that hits multiple targets. I am using it now while channeling Churning Earth (Earth #5). I was so tired of that skill being interrupted and by blinding foes while channeling it fires more often.

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