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Guild Wars 2 - Getting your Daily

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Daily Dodger? I didn't see the new list of dailies, they sound creative.





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I suck at dodging as I found out the other day. Oh looks like practice time.

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This is the third day in a row with the darn dodger BS. I have found that I can dodge best underwater.

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hmm under water I'm yet to try...

so far I found that dodging work best for me against deer or goats. Their initial attack is to rear up and sissy fight you with their hoofs. Often times I get 2x "evade" with one dodge move when they do that, and their standard attacks are easy enough to dodge once you get the hang of their "tells".

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Thanks for the dodging tips. I finally started to get into gw2 and get a toon past level 30. Need to hook up on your server and run with yall.

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