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Sacred 2 Downloads - Adjusted drop.txt for Mutation sets

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Anyone know if cm patch 150 includes corrected drop rates for the mutation sets? Just can't seem to find out if this drop file is still necessary years later, and not sure I've seen any of them drop in significant time on 150..

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The drop rate is increased in 150. The reason it's not in the changelog is because the changelog says, "Integrated Item mod by Pesmontis and Flix" which actually entails many things. Not just all the new items we added but also various fixes and adjustments. You'd have to read through the Item Mod development thread to catch them all (scroll down to the bottom of the first post).


In the first version of the Item Mod, I imported Nighthawk's drop mod. For the subsequent version (which was eventually added to CM 150), I reduced the drop rate because the pieces were dropping like candy. So they're definitely more common but not as common as normal set items. Every now and then there's a complaint that they're too easy to get.

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Awesome! Exactly what I hoped because like you say Flix, I wouldn't want powerful sets dropping too easy. Just wanted to know that they are in fact in with at least rare drop chance. Thanks for answering, and as always thanks for excellent mod work.

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