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New Sacred 3 will be like what current game?

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My smallest son is playing one of the Lord of Rings games, Conquest, and I thought of Sacred 3. Sounds about the same. As mentioned, pre-assigned goals requiring clever manipulations of controls on keyboard or controller is the 'game'. Path pretty much linear. Sure, you'll turn sometimes, there might be several paths, just clobber your way through and you'll find it. Memorize the path and conflicts. Variety is trying it with a different weapon or character. Conquest has those too.

I always figured the reason they did Sacred 3 in this form is cost saving. Less work for them. When asked about the lack of an open world the studio told one poster, 'we're working on something right now I think you'll like" that's my paraphrase, not exact quote. So perhaps there is some hope for future efforts, but I dunno. Who will show up to investigate future Sacred efforts if Sacred 3 is bad? I recall the studio also said since Sacred 2 fans generally played multiplayer online the open world was not needed. They seem to have missed the part where friends played together and, went to different parts of the world exploring.

They didn't 'miss' it, they 'ignored' it! They have no intention of making what players want, it's all about convincing players that the subpar but pretty game they delivered is really what the players wanted all along. Sadly enough people will still buy it even though it isn't what they wanted to allow Deepsilver to claim it was a success although not as much as expected, but justifies them continuing in the same vein and ignoring the players even more in future. It's become common policy amongst software houses and if a franchise alienates its customers so much that it bombs, then they just drop the franchise altogether claiming there is no market for it, rather than admit they screwed up by producing something the fans told them they didn't want!

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Grim Dawn; (for those who mentioned it- Ryanrocker etc)

I bought into Grim Dawn because my son told me it was Sacred -like. It isn't- It's Diablo like. Pretty much Titan Quest -esque. Some of same people making it, same format. Both Titan Quest and Grim Dawn are fun, by all means have some, but don't expect Sacred. While not exactly linear it's not even close to the kind of open world Sacred one and two have. The fighting is densely packed. Thats what you'll be doing. Neither franchises have the attention to the world of a Sacred. Nor that great balance between conflict and being able to look around and enjoy. Eldest son agreed, being surprised himself at how close to Diablo in feel and arrangement Titan and Dawn are.


Grim Dawn recently released the next chunk of game region, probably the 2nd out of 3. You have zombies, magic, guns, and a post apoc world. It's on Steam.


Both Titan Quest and Grim Dawn are enjoyable- but there is nothing Sacred like out there that I've found. If anyone knows a game like Sacred, let us know. You know what I mean; a game that has more in common with Sacred than just the name Sacred.

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If anyone knows a game like Sacred, let us know. You know what I mean; a game that has more in common with Sacred than just the name Sacred.

Hey all,


Haven't posted here in a long time, but if anyone is looking for a true, proper hack n' slash these days, the answer is simply;


Path of Exile.


I just saw Sacred 3 on steam, for pre-order, and was extremely excited, then extremely disappointed after watching a few of the preview videos.


I've been playing Path of Exile for a while now, and it is very much a true ARPG of old.


Hope everyone is doing well, Hi gogo, long time no speak ;)

If you're into PoE, send me a PM, maybe we could hook up there. It's a real ARPG that you all would want, but it's not for the light-hearted. It's very, very hardcore, and no where near as forgiving as our beloved Sacred. If you make a weak build etc there, it's destined for failure and there's just no sugar coating it.


All the best,



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