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Riddle in the Dessert "out of order" bug

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There are four quests that the player will be unable to complete if the player successfully completes the Riddle in the Desert quest first

For those who don't know, this quests begins in the Tar A'hil Oasis by talking to "An Oasis Inhabitant".

The four quests are:

1. Where is the Blacksmith (Bellevue)


2. Whispers in the Wind (Florentina)


3 Painting in Mascarell


4. the last stage of the Unknown Warrior (also starts near Mascarell).

Also no other quest items will show up in the log book after you complete the Riddle quest.

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That one is the only one that messes up other quests if done out of order and only those four quests. At least I haven't heard about any other issues.


Also, you won't have quest items showing up in the log book if/when you complete that quest, so either leave it open or fail it if you want those quest items to continue showing up.

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6 hours ago, idlehands505 said:

I didnt do the riddle in the desert just got the quest and no matter what I cant finish jacquaire`s quest after we leave tyr-Fasul. he wont show up in braverock.

That is a well known bug and has nothing to do with the riddle in the desert afaik, instead it has to do with how the game handles region borders. You'll need to load a savegame before you left Tyr-Fasul. Continue with the quest normally until you reach the end of the Tyr-Fasul forest and talk to him. After he's told you his name, go to braverock castle by walking without teleporting or saving and loading or taking another quest inbetween. Don't go through Porto Vallum, take the Pathway from Mascarell to Faeries Crossing to Crows Rock Castle to Shires Pen to Braverock Castle. He should be there in the tavern, speak to him and drop a save. After that, you can just continue normally.:)

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