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Guild Wars 2 - Crit Thief (Sword/Dagger)

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This build is out-of-date and is here for reference only.


I had not intended to post this build because I do not think it is good enough. I had a request though, so here it is.



My Thief got hit hard by the big nerf and fully never recovered. That being said, she did earn herself a brace of TA pistols and a suit of CoF armor. I can honestly say that I believe she performs equal to, or better than, the majority of PUG's we run with. Of course, I feel that every other one of my L80's can perform better with less effort on my part.



#1. Bread-and-butter attack

#2. This is a 2 part skill. Always keep the first up, since the second serves as a stun-breaker.

#3. Flanking Strike is the sole reason I kept OH dagger after the nerf. It hits twice, so make sure not to interrupt yourself with another skill or dodge (you can move).



#4. Use for tagging multiple mobs... That is about it.

#5. Used defensively for a condition removal or stealth escape.


Pistols (Since thieves have no inherent benefit from weapon swapping, these are mostly used in boss fights that I cannot melee):

#1. Spam this while waiting for #2

#2. Stacks 5 vulnerability per hit. This is why I use the Sigil of Peril.

#3. This is fun, but for serious work stick with #2 & #1.

#4 & 5. I never use them.



#7. Increased precision

#8. For condition removal and stealth escapes

#9. Used in dungeons only for stealth revives. For open world PvE, I use Assassin's Signet for increased Power, which ups my Effective Power by 155.



I like Thieve's Guild. Some people prefer Dagger Storm, but I find the two thieves to be quite valuable for the extra damage and to pull some aggro.



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Well, I did that request. I simply think we should all share our builds. No matter whether they are good or not, there is always something to learn from them. And I really think you give yourself far too little credit :)

Agreed, Lujate is a much better player then he gives himself credit for. he has made me a much much better player simply by hanging out with him.

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